Thursday, 23 October 2008

Don't Play-play !!


YB Karpal Singh (Bukit Gelugor) was suspended for using the words "Jangan main-main. Yang DiPertua tidak serius ..."

Unlike previous occasions when "unparliamentary" words like "Bigfoot, monkey etc" were used, Pandikar got all emotional and upset!
- I thot he'd burst into a raging fit or even burst into tears .....
He must be under tremendous pressure in some way ....
He even got the section (under which he's authorised to take disciplinary action) a little mixed up!

Pandikar Amin (Kurang) Mulia said that Karpal was "Kurang Ajar" for saying that, and as a warning to all, he insisted on the suspension despite appeals from Anwar - as a "lesson to all MPs" that he's always serious (apparently, including the Ministers)!!

Waah - Pandikar Amin Mulia has grown fierce together with his new, cute, paintbrush designer beard!!

Don't play-play!!


  1. dont play-play eh!!

    the Speaker is also a human being and he should be respected fairly.the Speaker is not on any side and can take action to anyone in the parliaments if the mps cross the line than they should.

    and to Kalpar,serves him right.dont play play with the speaker or else he gonna bita ya!

  2. Ha ha ha!
    Sure, of course - sometimes I too get irritated with the shouting/ name calling by LKS and Karpal.
    I've written about it long ago (last november, I guess - Sothi, LKS & Hindraf or something like that ...)

    My wonder is how come it took him (pandikar) so long to find his balls, and bring some order in the house.

    Of course he had every right to do it - just that he shouldn't get emotional and fumble like that.

    Good call - but I hope his balls will still be there with the Ministers he warned too ...


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