Friday, 5 December 2008

Letters on the Tamil Schools issue

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Here are two letters from the author of the letter which was published on MT.

Despite "temenggong" finding my article on the matter 'hilarious' (actually without being able to articulate his thoughts on it), these email responses from the author of that letter is quite reassuring - in that among netizens, the likes of temenggong are in the minority ......

Dear Victor,
Tamil School: Pride and Prejudice is an excellent article. Both of us are having the same intention and that is to think and move positively. Unfortunately as I mentioned in my article there are a group of people who don't want the changes to take place because of their personal "hidden" agenda. There is another sour grape group and as for them, they will oppose blindly without seeing the logic and what actually the problem is. They will talk just base on their personal satisfaction.
If you observe my article, most of the situations which I've quoted are something genuinely happened and keep on happening. In today's Harian Metro Newspaper, there was one news where PDRM caught a group of 11 people in JB for robbing and raping and the sad news is.. all of them are Indians. So this is what I'm trying to highlight to those "stubborn" people out there.
Victor, I know it's not an easy task to change their old mentality but that doesn't mean that I will stop talking about it. As an ordinary person I think I have to do something positive within my capability and that is by talking and keep on talking this subject to as many as Indians that I will meet.
Victor, thanks again and good luck


Hi Victor,
Exactly, you got it rite. Actually there are few groups of human being
a) When something happen there will be a group where they won't do anything but always put the blame on others or always find fault.

b) There is a group where when somebody are trying help or do something good, this group will put their full effort to mass the thing.

c) There is another groups who totally don't want to get involve asspecially when they don't gain anything personally from that subject.
Victor, I think by now you will be able to know what I'm trying to say. Anyway I have one good news to share with you. For the past 24 hours, I already received many e-mails and 80% fully agree with my article and happy that I wrote the situation exactly like how it's happening. 20% of them were disagreed but I know this people's mentality is same like the temenggong's mentality (Mental Blocked). They don't want to change and don't want others also to change.
Victor, there's one more thing that I want to share with you. Originally I only sent my article to few PR MPs and asked their favour to share this topic among all the Indian MP's from DAP, PKR and PSM. Suddenly one of the MP posted this article in his blog and Malaysia Today picked that topic and posted in its blog.
Victor, please do me a favour, I will send the article to you and if possible please forward it through e-mail to as many Indians that you know. Let it spark some awareness among them. Whether they're ready to change or not, that's not an issue but I'm happy as long they started to think.....
That's all for now and have a nice day and keep in touch.


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    Tamil letters
    differs from other Brahmi-derived scripts in a number of ways. Unlike every other Indic script, it uses the same character to represent both an unvoiced stop and its voiced equivalent

  2. I don't give a shit about Tamil script, and neither are we talking about it!!
    So, What the Fish are you talking about, mate?


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