Thursday, 5 February 2009

No Dissolution of Perak Assembly! Nizar told to Quit! Impending Emergency??

This is so "cool" ....
we now have a mercenary
B ... Perak government!!

Long Live Soldiers of Fortune!!

Malaysia Boleh!!

We do not know what His Majesty's reasons are, but we shall abide (at least I would).
This is a challenge to the people's mandate, though .... as those who crossed over did it against the will of their electorate, and hence, have no moral justification to hold their seats.
No matter what His Majesty's reasons may be, it actually worsens the political climate in the country. It has been a divisive decision.
It has created plenty of "bad blood" between the people and the BN hierarchy which holds the Federal Government which disregards Democracy, by abusing the office of the Election Commission.

Anyway, I'm just waiting to see how they gonna handle it when push comes to shove".
The trend in the past was for Emergency to be declared in states where the "hard-up" want to "piratize" and "privatize" the Government into "fiefdoms".

Some enactments that have yet to be repealed, is a testimony to this ......

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  1. Will all voters who voted for these turncoats all write a letter of protest and send them to the King's palace? And don't use POS Malaysia because they are paid by BN.

    Name, IC number, Address, & tell HRH that you voted for Party and not the person. Now that they changed their mind aobut which party they want to be members of, you've also changed your mind as to who you want to represent you.

    Just do it.


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