Tuesday, 14 April 2009

"1 Malaysia" - Among Many ...

"That is what I call a classic - in the same vein as Si Luncai, Pak Pandir, Lebai Malang, well you get the idea - case of missing the blinking concept."

Malay groups say that the concept will not alter the affirmative action programme and is only meant to bring up the level of economic development of under privileged groups, regardless of race. The Opposition and non-Malays believe that it is not possible to speak about One Malaysia if Chinese, Indians and Ibans continue to be accorded second class status here.
-Unless defined, One Malaysia could lead to many

"Malaysian simpletons just don't seem to get it ....."
In Jibby's (or is it Rosy & Mahathir's) "1Malaysia", where he takes care of himself, everyone else should rally around him.
Altantuya's ghost is most welcome - thank you.

The fact has been, is and will be (make no mistake about that) that -
It is actually a confession that there are indeed many Malaysias.
One each for "orang kuat" Melayu Umno,
the royalty/aristocrats, non-Umno Melayu,
then for the Balas, Lingams, Vincent Tans, Eric Chias, Tajudins, Halim Saads, Nasimudins, and "anak orang kuats",
then we have one for the "bumiputra",
then the "saudara baru" and the "lain-lains".....
then for the "kafirs" who are further subdivided depending on the color of their skin, religion, political affiliation, social standing and bank balance.
The only difference is, in this "pyramid scheme" of things, this idea actually is meant to articulate the need for the many Malaysias, which in turn will fight for the one Malaysia as defined by Umno.
It is actually meant to perpetuate the status quo. That's all.
(The Altantuyas, Kugans, Adi Mansors, Noritas - you guys "can eat cake", alright!)

In other words, this "1Malaysia" is plain hogwash, Horse%^, & Bulls!#%. This clown we have for a leader doesn't have the "goods" to call a spade, a spade - but indulges in hypocrisy so that he can get some "chinese & indian" votes!! Already his deputy, after the "post-mortem", has shot the "chinese" for not having "membalas budi", after the many electioneering bribes at Bkt Selambau & Bkt Gantang! In DPM's book, for one to respond positively to bribes, is called - "membalas budi".

Already we have one ex-Umno (and now an independent "frog") threatening with pride to run amuck should anyone say that this "1 Malaysia" is meant to displace the "ketuanan melayu" ideas and the NEP. Many other fascists have come out in open support of this shameless stance - Jibby's underlings included. The Car-Toon has yet to do so - but be very sure that he'll managed to spin it well enough (squeezing a few pairs of testicles, while at that), so that his worshippers dumbfounded by the "depth of his wisdom".

The sloganeering tactics of Mahathir has caught on big-time with the "politikus" of Umno/ BN. So much so, these rats cannot do without it, if they were to start a campaign, and this is just another slogan off the mill. As with all slogans in the past, Malaysians (and the new "bumiputras/Melayu/saudara baru" from across the straits) should actually know that these slogans in fact articulates what Mahathir & Umno Baru do not want. Their job is supposed to be to cheer these aristocrats on for a "fee" (okay - if you insist, call it a bribe, if you don't care for it to sound halal), and applaud the great wisdom of these "leaders".

Anyway, whatever slogan they may use, the desired end result is always the same - hoodwinking the masses into total submission, so that the power of the Umno aristocracy is unchallenged.
But of course you have the freedom to "express yourself" through a "vibrant, free and informed media" , and journalists are to be brave enough to report to "allow people to hold public officials accountable", "regardless of consequences". Truly amazing indeed, this Jibby fella - this is just after some journalists were barred from certain events. No wonder some people say that he just another bureaucrat - an intellectual amoeba on par with Pak Lah.

Of course - as they say, it is your freedom after the expression which will be in question.
Meanwhile, Mr. Rais Yatim- our latest (our "three-in-one" info minister) said, “I can bring the horse to the water, but I can't force it to drink.
Yup - they wanna feed horses hogwash, and hope they drink!

Oh boy - here I was hoping that we'll have someone more credible after Mr. Sleepy ......


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