Tuesday, 7 April 2009

How to "Kuganize" the people - by Spin Doctors.

“There was no evidence that the deceased had been ‘branded’
or given repeated application of heat with an instrument or object.
All body injuries noted on the deceased were insufficient,
either individually or collectively to cause death directly

-Ismail Merican, No Foul Play in Kugan Reports, StarOnline

Firstly. I must say that the timing for this announcement when the whole nation is fixated on the By-Elections, is nothing short of "perfect"!
Anyways - it is gonna be a 2-1 for Pakatan, and a bad blow for the Mahathir-Najib team.
BN retains Batang Ai, still loses in 2 Bukits

Now we get back to the point of this post......
So, what Ismail Merican is saying is that the beating didn't cause the deaths - but only directly. That could mislead people into taking these words to mean that it could not have caused the death of Kugan at all.
He was careful not say the injuries could not have caused the death of the victim. Fine.

BTW - be careful not to misunderstand the title to mean that Kugan died of "natural causes". Ismail Merican didn't say that.
The title of the StarOnline report only said "No Foul Play in Kugan REPORT" - not that there was no foul play at all. So this report was designed to defend Serdang Hospital's Pathologist, Dr Abdul Karim Tajuddin- nothing more.

“This (renal failure) had aggravated the acute myocarditis, resulting in acute pulmonary oedema or lung congestion....." - so he said. And, Ismail Merican said the deceased was found to have an underlying acute myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) and the blunt force trauma could have led to acute renal failure.
"...the deceased was found to have an underlying acute myocarditis. This (renal failure) had aggravated the acute myocarditis, resulting in acute pulmonary oedema or lung congestion."
He then goes on to say - “The discrepancy in the reports were due to the "absence of communications" between the two pathologists, the misinterpretation of post-mortem changes and some of the injuries by the second pathologist".
The second autopsy report was "provisional". This is becos the toxicology reports aren't available as yet- and now that all samples and records have been confiscated from a University, they are now classified material with the cops. Maybe they wish to cook up something for dinner with the samples. Now, probably we'll never know for sure if rhabdomyolysis was a fact.

So what Ismail Merican the genius is saying is that -
Despite the fact that Acute Pulmonary Oedema,
due to "underlying" Acute Myocarditis,
possibly secondary to Acute Renal Failure (due to ATN caused by repeated blunt trauma),
all these collectively or individually did not kill him!!

All I can say is - WOW!!
These conditions (APO, ARF) are medical emergencies & are fatal if not treated - but if the DG says otherwise, Malaysians are to just lap it all up happily.
Hence, there has been "no foul play" - it was simply a case of "misinterpretation". Nothing wrong about the glaring differences. There was no “foul reporting, misleading of information and neither was there any intention to hide information”.
Nothing wrong about Dr. Mohd Norzi's claim that "evidence was tampered with" or "blood on the floor" either.

Jeez, man! This is Truly Amazing!
One could just wonder what Malacian Medical Association (or Council) Ethics committee has got to say about this - but then again playing "politics of silence" while claiming to be "apolitical" is a very typical of the Malacia in this nation .....

Dog (sic) Plays Politics ....
Hospital: Mob tampered with Kugan's body
Serdang Hospital's DR. Norzi's LIED for "someone" ...
MPs allege Kulim six were shot in the head


  1. WOW ! Thats what I call our new Crime Ministers government. They will do anything to coverup a crime.

  2. What do you expect from someone named Ismail Merican ( UMNO Mamak)? Take a cue from TDM...He will lie through his teeth or maybe not lying but just simply omit or delete something or give a wrong conclusion...TDM did that when justifying his reentry into UMNO. Ismail Merican is just following his fellow mamakian and forsaking his Hippocrates oath and taking up the Hypocrites oath of all Mamak UMNO. The two faced Doktor ayam...Getting more contract, Doc? Squandered the monies from the other contract?

  3. Guys,
    Let us not shoot the messenger here.
    There is a lot of politics playing out here. People taking up certain positions often cannot express their own opinion without undue influences.

    This actually may not have anything to do with the individuals who may have been "coerced into submission" by certain quarters, as there was some need for "damage control" for some public institutions.

    One thing though - This has nothing to do with "race" - so let's not paint all with the same brush, even if some have achieved prominence for all the wrong reasons.
    Lets keep the racist sentiments under check please ....

  4. I am going to name my dog after our DG.

  5. There is no justice in this country. Its that simple, protect the few with whatever methods possible. C4 / Murder bribery. This is what our "great" country is now.

  6. It only happens in this beloved land of ours aptly named bolehland.The home minister said some time back that they detained the journalist under ISA for her own safety! beat that!. so what the heck if they are trying to say that the late Kugan wasnt whacked.
    May the force be with all malaysians seek the truth.Its out there!


  7. protecting the institutions?

    more like condemning the institutions coz who is going to trust them anymore. Its a blatant lie to me and whats the Health Ministry gonna do? Let me tell you, like a lapdog the Minister will concur with the DG. Afterall, his son isnt the victim and he has a position to protect.

    Go on compromising the institution's integrity coz this will only make the rakay angry and vote with their feet against the rotten BN come next election.

  8. ... who is going to trust them anymore.... Go on compromising the institution's integrity .....vote with their feet against the rotten BN come next election.

    It not like people trust them or they have any credibility anyways.
    Voting out this regime?
    Well - wouldn't that be a breath of fresh air for Malaysia .....

  9. All this anger seems to be directed towards the wrong party.

    In summary, this independant body of respected forensic pathologists have found that there was evidence of blunt force trauma(in layman's terms-evidence that he was beaten) in Kugan's case and that the 2 pathologists findings of the main causes were similar( with mild differences ) and were not guilty of malpractice.That is the extent of their powers.

    Doctors are cannot be judge and jury In fact,they have to be extremely careful when giving public statements so that they remain fair and neutral.Otherwise, their evidence at might be regarded as tainted by the defence.
    when presenting their findings in court, during which more detiled findings would be given.
    It is now up to the investigators & prosecutors to decide on the progress of the case & if they wish to call these doctors as witnesses should the case come to trial.

    [Doctors for fair play]


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