Friday, 8 May 2009

Ho Ho Ho!! Here - Have a Lollipop ...


You better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout

I'm telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town

- Barry Manilow, Santa claus is coming to town


Do you hear that?
Don't you hear them bells ringing, and balls clanging?
Christmas is coming early this year, guys. The Pirates of Perak have got their loot, and now it's time to throw some Lollies at the "losers" - us the people!

Hishamudin, being armed with his arsenal of security/enforcers in the PDRM (as he's now the Home Minister), has little reason to wave the kris. No more threats, no more calls for "uprisings".
His job now is to snuff out any form of dissent - constitutional or otherwise. It is all his prerogative. He now can order arrests with total impunity.
He can also take away or give you your freedom with no reason whatsoever. But of course the copper will tell you that they need 1001 investigations & reports they have to make before that is done under the ISA. However, you can rest assured that in the Malaysia Boleh spirit, these things can be done in a jiffy - like the time they put that journalist (Ms. Tan, I believe) in the slammer "for her own safety & protection".

Police mockery of right to legal access

Going by the above statement they can also get lawyers out to represent detainees arrested, before they can even turn around and say "WTF"!!
So who says Hisham the Kris-man isn't a nice guys. Who says we need the law or a constitution. We only need Hisham in the Home Ministry and the PDRM which answers to him, under Umno/BN to take care of the country. See what nice leaders we have .....

After the BN government sponsored coup d'etat, with Perak now under the rule of Pirates who have made mincemeat of democracy and all the institutions that are its pillars (that too, graced by a Raja Nazrin who apparently "didn't officiate - but just gave a speech" which had to be "respected", to kill some time, of course), it is now time for "santa claus" to dish out some goodies.

Yes it's time to see the "goodwill" of pirates turned santa claus! It's time to sing praises to Hishamudin, the Kris man who now shows what a caring Umno/BN regime we have!
It's party time!
So here's your lollipop, guys ..... Ho, Ho, Ho!

Hindraf trio, 10 others freed from ISA

- Incidently from Kamunting, Perak's infamous
Hotel Kemta!!!

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