Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Mahathir's BUM address ....

Recently there was this event called BUM 2009- The event was apparently a runaway hit, especially since they had star appeal in none other than Mahathir, our exPM. Many Malaysians actually "worship" him - much like how Semi Value used to be treated by his minions in the past (There actually is little difference between them, although I must say unlike Semi - Mahathir has polish, brains and some class).
Without a doubt, he is definitely an icon among Malaysians, simply because he ruled for the entire significant lives of many an enslaved mind, and his views are much sought after (even if it is gibberish) by them. Most Malaysians don't realize that we never really needed Mahathir (or his "asian values"/ "strong government"). We just needed good governance and accountability- to achieve the progress we did in the 90s, while riding on the global economic boom (until the bust, i.e.).

However one has to be honest - it must be said without a doubt, that he is a politician par excellence in the Malaysian context (where as a result of his "guidance", we are left with the bums he has left behind in the corridors of power), and (for better or worse) he has carved his place in Malaysian history and the hearts/minds of Malaysians. For that, I would still respect and salute him - despite the fact that I think that he was a very clever dictator, who knew how keep up the pretense of nurturing a democracy and an apparent prosperity.

Malaysiakini, did post the videos - although as expected, there wasn't anything really significant, I somehow liked some of what I heard (not the twisted "truths", though)!!!
Incidently, yours truly wasn't really willing to pay good money to listen to what the man had to say - and hence didn't attend/participate. One reason being, his approach towards Freedom of the Press, which was in total contradiction to the practice of subtle persecution and intimidation during his time at the helm. But of course - it wasn't his fault! It is the MSM that has to blamed for being chicken (or simply infected with the much dreaded illness called Bodekitis) and attempting to "second guess" him, despite the fact that he had never restricted.
Poor guy this, Mahathir fella- apparently he had to "behave according to the sentiments expressed in the media", and it apparently wasn't that the media was sucking up to him!! I suppose one can only have "sympathy" for the predicament which Mahathir was in as a result ...... right? Yeah brother ... "I feel you" - and it breaks my heart!!
No wonder he called them BUMS for listening to his nonsense!! (He "neutralized" it by calling the "VIPs", though .... smart fella this Mahathir - and dumb f%$#s these BUMs are).

Even so, I liked his silly jokes (besides the above joke, i.e.) in the part about how internet porn is peddled on the www. He sure has the makings of a comedian. It is nice to see an old man still having his sense of humour intact, and a very sharp mind (for his age).
Anyway, despite a runny nose, he looked quite well at the BUM 2009, and I wish him good health.
Take care TDM, sir!


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