Wednesday, 27 May 2009

ROTFLOL- "Wifey" for No2?

According to Bernama, a senior state MIC leader revealed that the former women, family and community development deputy minister had received the blessings of Samy Vellu.
"In a husband-wife relationship there are bound to be fights and disagreements but this does not mean that we have to divorce. That would not make a happy marriage..... My relationship with Palanivel is the same. We are like a husband and wife team," Samy Vellu was said to have told the division leaders.

Interesting scene here - Samy Vellu somewhat describing Palani as his "wife" in the team!!
Holy cow, man! Palani, my man now that he's decided to "jump into bed" with you- what have you offered Samy Vellu for him to describe you like that?
By the way whatever he's offered you must be "good" for you to be his ally .....

Really amazing these MIC guys - they don't see any humiliation in kowtowing to this old man! Not even when he implies that the former (deputy that too) minister for women's affairs is "you know what" ....

Never mind lah, Palani - you just have fun yah! After all how many guys your age can be "attractive" to people like Samy right?
Why don't you practice tying sari for a change to really get into your role, Palani!!

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