Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Swinging the Pendulum ....

PERAK - Appeals Court grants Zambry a stay of execution in Perak MB tussle.
(Wiki: A
stay of execution is a court order to temporarily suspend the execution of a court judgment or other court order.)

The above stay application at the court of appeals despite being one of great public interest, was apparently heard by a single judge!!! With that judgment, it means that Nizar is once again "no more MB", barely a day after being declared the legitimate MB.
Accordingly, before vacating the office, Nizar said, "Whatever court action, we need to sincerely stop the impasse. The only remedial action that can stop this impasse is a dissolution of the assembly."

Shafee, the BN lawyer (while at it) apparently cited an obscure case in Africa to state that the MB does not need a vote of no confidence to be sacked, while the case of Stephen Kalong Ningkan in Sarawak, stares at his face. It is precisely these kind of perverted minds that bring about the subversion of the Federal Constitution, while promoting the law of the jungle (as was seen in the Perak DUN).

Only yesterday at Umno Baru's 21st (and Umno’s 63rd) anniversary celebrations, Najib mentioned that :-
"We must change in accordance to our constitution and national principles.”
... he called for "working together, transcending partisan politics", and now, he wants to keep playing the ding dong game, while Perak languishes.
So much for Najib's call for upholding the constitution and working for the rakyat.

As far as I know, the Constitution does not prescribe the election of a speaker without convening the assembly, nor does it allow for physically evicting the speaker from his seat of power.

Maybe his principle is that of using brute force to (literally) grab the seat of power, at whatever cost. His understanding of the constitution is probaly that it is meant to serve UMNO, and not vice versa.

"Those unable to rise above narrow party interests

to understand what happens to a country when a government
loses respect for the law might still like to consider this:
it is better for BN to risk state elections that we may lose
rather than to lose the entire country by being seen to be
opposed to decency, the rule of law, and the will of the people."
- Tengku Razaleigh

In all likelihood, he believes that what Ku Li said in his blog (above) probably doesn't apply to pirates who seek to control seats of power, while subverting the state. A man like Najib would most likely fall for the temptation of power, and would seek to consolidate it using whatever instrument at his disposal, with no regard for the Federal (or State) Constitution. He's quite unlikely to know or feel any shame towards this end.

Najib with his flip-flopping and dubious "stimulus packages" is hardly a leader of the people, and is unlikely to be able to reign in the party's warlords who hunger for money and power (which led to the Perak fiasco) - no matter what Mahathir may say of him. (Most probably Mahathir just says the things he does about Najib, for the simple reason that he's "pliable" - considering the controversies surrounding him and his Mrs.).

Someone once said, "Conservatives aren't necessarily stupid - but the stupid are inevitably conservative" ... and that is what Umno knows, and wishes to capitalize on. they would seek to harness the "power of stupidity" among its less than average minds.
Being weak, Najib/ Umno will probably start with the Ketuanan Melayu rhetoric once again to shore up their "conservative" base, and push forward the racists' agenda of piracy. They will try every trick in the book to portray all controversies with a racist slant to it - which is precisely what they did in Perak - while hiding the hands that steal, plunder and rape the economy.
It is all about "money" - and little to do with "race" (as RPK had written is haste) which they would want you to believe.

It is quite likely that we will be having a mid-term elections which will be Najib's Waterloo. Having the weak leadership qualities and a coterie of imbeciles around him, he would almost certainly advocate the complete destruction of all institutions of democracy which we have (to complete the job of his "guru"). Going by the happenings in Umno now, despite all the calls for "change" ad nauseaum, it is most likely that they will turn Malaysia into a full fledged fascist pariah state in due time.

There was a time when I did give Umno/BN the benefit of doubt - in that, I hoped that they might "change". However, after the events that have transpired of late, all hope for reforms among these pirates have been abandoned. Day by day, BN only reinforces the idea than they have no sense of justice and do not understand "statecraft".
To the people now, the only hope for Malaysia to achieve "nationhood", is to get rid of this fascist party at the next elections.
Till then, it's que sera sera ....

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