Saturday, 20 June 2009

Holy Mother of Mongolia!!!

Just check out this poll, guys!!!
Somebody in high office sure is twiddling with his jewels - ermmm ..... come to think of it, maybe his other half is doing the twiddling....
The sad part is there are still guys who go around spinning yarns about the virtues of his 1Mongolia 1Malaysia policy. They have yet to admit that Umno is rotting at its core, and is waiting to fall apart.

Meanwhile, the "prodigal dad" of Umno Baru is just waiting to bail out once again - to start whipping that fat lady with her wimp. It must've been the satay party the fat lady threw for Dirty Harry, which left a bad taste in his mouth ..... which would probably make sure Jibby eats Harry's satay in future.
Mahathir was right about Harry this time - just what the hell did he think he was doing (or what the hell was Jibby thinking, rather) gallivanting the length and breath of Malaysia?
Just take a look at the screen capture of the results as of this morning:-

On another note,
those of you concerned about the bed you sleep in in the afterlife, worry no more - fear not O Ye Men of Little Faith!!
The solution has been provided by our Prophet Muhyiddin. He has just passed on to us a message from the hereafter - through his mouthpiece, Bernama.

The message is this -
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin said today "Muslims who vote for either the Barisan Nasional (BN) or PAS have an equal chance of going to heaven. He said what could prevent them from going to heaven was their sins and not their votes for a political party."

Note that he spoke about Muslims only - and hence I wouldn't wish to comment on that. However, there appears to be a theological spin used for politics here .....
So what I'd like to ask below, is simply a theological question in my attempt to understand my leader's ideas.

Now for those who still believe that
a) "God" is a simpleton in the sky,
b) in "eternal heavenly rewards or possible everlasting damnation in hell",
c) in heavenly brownie points,
d) in sin,
and care for their "immortal souls" (whatever that may be)
and would like to think a little more:

The question remains though - isn't it a "sin" to vote for murderers?
..... those who call for their twisted daggers to be bathed in "chinese blood"?
..... those who breed hatred and mutual suspicion?
..... those who work in cahoots with the underworld?
..... those who specialize in C4-ing Mongolians while hiding their involvement?
..... a tainted and shamelessly biased judiciary and security personnel?
and those who suck your life-blood through numerous indirect taxes?

Aiyoyo, Moideen Muhyiddin
- please don't give up your day-job while you moonlight as a prophet, yah?

Looks like Malaysia is up for some real "good-times"
- we really have an interesting pair of clowns who "lead" the nation!!


  1. With a simpleton DPM, who makes statements of such nature,running this country,what should we do,Cruzeiro? Commit suicide as there is no future for us anymore? I think all Malaysian needs psychiatric help, for more and more of us are truely going insane!

  2. Malaysia's only salvation lies in:-
    booting out these pirates (at least for the time-being) and cleaning up the civil service/ security personnel - even if the alternative is worse (for the time being).


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