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Nurturing the "1-Malaysia" Malay Ghetto ....


First we had one Merican shooting doctors for the failure of the preventive measures of the Ministry of Health, in curtailing the Dengue epidemic. Then, we have another Merican, shooting the Chinese media for "straying from the national agenda"!!
[We shall not mention anything about another Merican at the head of a Petroleum conglomerate whose accounts are like - "take what we give - and you better bloddy well, believe it!"!!]

He once opined (NST Online : Perspective: The PhD — is it overrated?) that :
"Suffice it to say that a professor need not necessarily be a scholar and a scholar need not necessarily be an academician and an academician may be far removed from being an intellectual."
Maybe so - but was/is he trying to imply that as a professor, you don't have to be any of the above? Neither scholar, academician nor intellectual? Could it be that he was justifying political appointments to "academic" posts?
With ones like these holding professorship in our universities, is it any wonder why we have such an admirable education system? Little wonder, we had some people started who started the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English - and that is to improve English (and not S&M)mind you - and believe that otherwise, Malaysians will be doomed to be stupid!

Truly amazing, this "professor" fella (picture below)- he is reminding the Chinese dailies to be grateful and advises them "not to stray from the national agenda". (Silly me - and here I was thinking all along, that the agenda was to improve the nation through accountability!)
He then wants the Malay to learn about the Chinese, and the Malay media to publish in Chinese- not because he wants them to truly learn, but because he wants "Malays" to impose their values in the Chinese in order to "determine the direction of Chinese journalism"!!!
In other words, he wants to learn from/ about the Chinese, so as to control them! Is it any wonder why (even MCA/MIC or any other variety) people, racists or not, don't trust these UMNO guys?
This guy definitely has some thinking skills, I'd say ....

Just read what he had to say here:
Akan tetapi, para wartawan dan surat khabar Cina nampaknya terasing daripada aliran perdana negara. Sebagai bekas wartawan dan sekian lama mengkaji kewartawanan dan persuratkhabaran di Malaysia, saya dapati masyarakat kewartawanan Cina wujud dalam dunia mereka tersendiri, seolah-olah enggan berganding sebagai satu fraterniti kewartawanan di Malaysia.....
Ketiga, memandangkan kepada pengaruh kewartawanan Cina kepada masyarakat Cina di negara ini sehinggakan ia menjadi satu arus aliran yang bertentangan dengan saluran maklumat berkepentingan negara, ada baiknya pemilik surat khabar/media Melayu, dan para wartawan dan editor Melayu menerbitkan surat khabar berbahasa Cina.
Tidak kiralah sama ada ini strategi terbuka atau tidak. Apa yang penting, Melayu juga ada hak untuk menentukan arah aliran kewartawanan berbahasa Cina.

-Melayu Mesti Kaji Cina, Malaysian Insider.

Not realizing that the pathetic Malay print media is ignored by the educated Malaysian (and Malays themselves too, mind you), this Merican guy accuses the Chinese media of being in their own world!
He seems to believe in the idea that people aren't entitled to their own opinions - he actually feels that Malays should run Chinese enterprises. Not that there anything wrong with that - but the very fact that he thinks it has to be the way for (Umno)Malays to "control", says much about this politician, masquerading as an "educationist".
There is nothing wrong with a Malay heading the Chinese establishment - but the problem is that he refuses to think of anything else beyond remaining in his comfort zone of "being and thinking Umno-Malay", while firing salvos against those who don't think like him. In other words, he actually wants to force the Chinese (media & people)to think like the Umno-Malay! It doesn't matter to this clown if it loses its Chinese character, or doesn't reflect the thinking of the community it is meant to serve.
What matters to this "professor", is that it caters to the needs/ opinions of the Umno-Malay community, although they don't read it!!!
You never know- Maybe this is the prelude to putting Melayu-Umno guys as Editors in all MSM.
It's anybody's guess if this is in line with the much fabled "1-Malaysia, People First, Performance Now" Policy..... to "regain the trust of Malaysians".

I hope my work will contribute to the study of Malay society, says Ahmad Murad Merican
Associate Professor Dr Ahmad Murad Merican holds a PhD (history and philosophy of science) from the University of Malaya. He has two bachelor’s degrees (journalism and political science). He has immersed himself in the College of Liberal Arts and made the Dean’s List at the University of Minnesota.

PROFESSOR Ahmad Murad Merican
from Universiti Teknologi Petronas' Department of Management and Humanities
was recently appointed as Perdana Leadership Foundation's (PLF) first Resident Fellow
under the foundation's Honorary President Fellowship Award.
As the foundation's first Resident Fellow, Ahmad Murad will receive
a grant of RM100,000 from Yayasan Al-Bukhary to conduct his research on
"Malay Attitudes Towards the West: Engaging Malay Thought on European Civilisation
and Modernity in Constructing Self, Nation and Identity".

Maybe this Murad Merican fella should be given another RM100,000 grant to do some research on "Attitudes Towards Malaysia: Primitive Malay Thought on Civilisation and in Constructing Self, Nation and Identity" , instead of the one of the above- which is bound to be toilet paper anyways ...

Lastly, I leave you with a very "interesting" comment from an Umno reader of the article linked above (needless to say, it was "lowly rated"). Even if it was someone pulling your leg, it describes how these guys think quite well (unlike what Jed Yoong might have you believe - that Umno is learning real fast).
So here it goes:-
written by Kasim Amat, June 22, 2009
"As a Umno member, it is very firm that we are all united behind the concept of 1 Malaysia. In order to achieve this concept, it is important that the Chinese and Indian acknowledge the dominance position of the Malay and accept the special rights accorded to us. The world has changed and the Malay is now a dominant force in the business and economy of Malaysia. It is important that all other races to realise this change to give up their self-clinging identity if they are to support the 1 Malaysia concept. In order to realise this concept, it is imperative that all Chinese and Indian Independence schools must be closed. All Chinese and Indian Business Chambers, associations, clans and communities should also recruit Malay members so the the concept of 1 Malaysia can be realised."

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