Monday, 27 July 2009

How Dogs should muzzle the Men.

(Tun Dr. Mahatir does inspire a great many ideas in his writings.
The following is inspired by Tun Dr. Mahathir's latest post.
The "dogs" here, refer to those who do not know the meaning of the term "rule of law",
and believe that "rule by law" is just as good.

1. Politicians make mistakes and commit sins and immoral acts. These will be made political issues by the enemies. They will blow up this little "sins and immoralities" until you become very unpopular.

2. You wish they would die or go away. (Incidentally more people wish the same for you- especially if you're an octogenarian who is also a megalomaniac).
You wish you can shut their mouths, or charge them for sodomy.

3. But this is a free country and you just cannot shut them up - you have to charge them for sodomy, or throw them behind bars using kangaroo courts.

4. So what can you do? Her's a clue - you have OSA, ISA, PPPA, Police Act, Sedition Act, UUCA, and even deliberate misinterpretation of the Federal Constitution by duplicitous AGs on your side (not to mention the moron's in the syndicate, who'll stoop to kiss your boots at any time).

5. The answer: ISA them. ISA them for 100 times over.

6. The case will now never go to the court.

7. When there is no court, it makes them pee in their pants. And when they are in ISA, your critic and enemy and others also cannot talk about the issue anymore. Effectively you have muzzled them and you are safe.

8. The court will wait in vain to hear the case. You can prolong the time by signing the detention order, again and again. Any excuse will do.

9. And so the rots in jail for years without any case being heard. It remains top-secret and the critics will continue to be muzzled. You are safe.

10. Finally the victim will be released. If you classify everything under OSA - they now cannot bring up the matter anymore because you are now "covered" by law.

11. But if they still bring it up in other ways, then arrest them under ISA for their jeopardizing national security by bringing up "sensitive issues" or for their own protection, or buy them over with the help of towkays. If they refuse, sic 'em with the uniformed "dogs" at your disposal, blow them up, or just throw them out the window, so that they learn to fly.

12. A few more years would pass and you are safe from being subjected to attacks on the issue.

13. At the opposition ruled states, you do the same thing. If found that the person you screwed is not in the wrong, then blow them up or teach them how to fly.

14. You can do the same at the Parliament.

15. By then the people would have forgotten your little sin, and it would become a non-issue.

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