Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Is He Racist or just a low-down Ingrate & Pirate?

“At that time the official name for the country was the Federation of Malay States (Semenanjung Tanah Melayu) but when it was joined with Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak it became Malaysia. “With that, the identity of the Malays in their own country was lost,”
...... “with this article I am sure to be branded a racist by the non-Malay racists”.
- Mahathir
Jibby isn't all so popular in Umno as the propaganda indicates. Moreover, all isn't well with with the old man's lobby group in Umno (which includes Toyol). Jibby is trying very hard to topple S'ngor & Penang to boost his stature.... and get rid of Toyol at the same time. That's probably why he did not get much support when he walked out of the S'ngor DUN- Muhyidin told him to get used to being out of power. Istana Toyol issue came up during the Umno elections, but was hushed up (probably during horse-trading)... and now brought up again.

This old man is definitely knowledgeable .....
- and among the things he knows is the fact that he's a twisted liar, who lies to his own people.
This old man knows that he's talking crap - he knows that the reason the nons that are successful, are where they are, is simply worked twice(or more) as hard, built on what they had & created wealth. He knows that Umno policies are neither "adil" nor "saksama" as he claims it to be. He knows that many "nons" have sacrificed far more than people like him for the country - and people like him are plain ingrates who wish to be ignorant of that fact.
He also knows that the reason "his people" are left out is becos he & his cronies cleaned out the coffers, and were stagnant or at a loss as to how to really make wealth. What a shame - after appropriating all the white man left behind in the 70s & 80s, after piratizing all profitable businesses, after all the legalized robbery, they still claim to play catch up.

What he also neglects to say is the fact that,
it is in his (and Umno elites'/cronies) interest to keep the Malays at a disadvantage
and handicapped, so that they can prolong the "Ketuanan" ideologies,
and plunder the nation's resources thru the NEP
(the shelf-life of which, has expired long ago) ...

What he's doing now is just trying to whip up that fear & siege mentality, so to shore up support Umno after the MACC/ Umno screw-up recently - he wants people to look at this issue as a race issue, and train their guns on the chinese. He hopes that he can help Jibby get the goldmine called S'ngor, and share the spoils this way (and hide the dirt that lies hidden as yet).
They're trying very hard to turn it into a racial conflict, so as to destabilize Selangor. They're also getting frustrated that the game isn't gaining any currency.

He does this when a man DIED at the hands of MACC ... and they say, "Don't politicize" it, and "don't turn it into a race issue"!!

What a low-down dirty shame, from a dirty old man.....

“When the Malays and their leaders
reject racism and fascist thinking

then only can Malaysia be saved”
-Zaid Ibrahim

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  1. Our dear Malay brothers and sisters, who waht we had to go through of 22 years of Mahathir's premiership. The dirty things he had done behind our backs , and your backs, too, are now slowly surfacing.

    He has not only betrayed us the non-Malays but also the poor Malays.


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