Thursday, 16 July 2009

LKS's Twitter on the 1-Dead Malaysia!!!!

  1. An instant peaceful multiracial demonstrations by hundreds against unusual death of TeoBengHock at MACC going on now at Shah Alam MACC hqrs
  2. Nazri said don't blame MACC for TeoBengHock's death at MACC. Should blame b directed at Nazri as Minister in charge or PM Najib himself?
  3. Will MACC Chief Commissioner Ahmad Said visit TeohLengHwee family 2explain how BengHock died in MACC? Can MACC disclaim responsibility?
  4. Arrogant MACC officer on TV said innocent will be freed n wrongdoers charged. Why not 1 BN Minister Dy Min, MB, CM, Exco treated this way?
  5. Spoke 2 aggrieved father,TeohLeongHwee taxidriver in shock He wants to know what actually happened - like all Malaysians.Blackday 4Malaysia
  6. As 1st MACC n unusual death, acid test 4 MACC, Police n PM Najib. Will Najib order public inquiry inline with "People 1st. Performance Now"?
  7. BenHock family/relatives demand justice which is the demand of all justice-loving Malaysians regardless of race/religion. MACC in the dock
  8. Kerk in Alor Gajah w BengHock's parents. BengHock's mother crying non-stop since told of his death at 5 pm. Family n relatives in shock
  9. Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo phoned from MACC Shah Alam. Police have brought in second forensic team. We r asking 4independent forensic exam
  10. Ronnie Liu still at Selangor MACC hqrs.4 3 hrs Selangor DAP Excos MPs Speaker SAs n BengHock's brother not allowed 2have sight of body.
  11. Kerk Kim Hock, exDAP SG n MP is related to BengHock. Phoned n expressed his disbelief n shock. Nationwide outrage. How come MACC!
  12. Spoke 2BengHock elder brother BengKee 33 who rushed over from his workplace in ShahAlam. BengHock from Alor Gajah is 2register 4wedding tmr
  13. Imagine MACC investigating "corruption" over cars n cows n a death in MACC custody takes place! Is this acceptable?Let there be no cover up!
  14. Anwar n other Pakatan Rakyat leaders will also be at Selangor MACC Shah Alam hqrs at 10 am MACC must prove it has not become another monster
  15. Will take 1st flight from Penang tmr n be at Selangor MACC Shah Alam hqrs 10 am to find out more about TeoBengHock's death in MACC custody
  16. What was MACC investigating 2 take a life? RM12.5b PKFZ scandal?No. Alleged state assembly rep constituency allocations!
  17. How did Sel Exco/Serdang SA Ean Yong Hian Wah’s political secretary Teo Beng Hock in custody at 14th fl Sel MACC Hqrs died from fall?
  18. At Shah Alam MACC now are Sel. Exco Auyong, Ronnie Liu, Speaker Teng Assemblyman Swee Lin. Is MACC acting outside the law?

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