Monday, 13 July 2009

PPSMI- A Pro Choice Argument.

The people, in whom the supreme power resides,
ought to have the management of everything within their reach:
that which exceeds their abilities must be conducted by their ministers.

-Montesquieu, Spirit of Laws, bk. 2, CH. 2
(Of the Republican Government, and the Laws in relation to Democracy)

The Govt has once again flip-flopped, so "suffer the children" now. Muhyiddin was conveniently made to be the fall-guy for this predetermined decision to bring about this populist decision - while Mr. PM's cousin, Mr. Chris, sits pretty with the HM and his "reformist" rhetoric.

What I don't understand is why we need to be so rigid in our ways - every aspect of our life seems to be decided by the Govt who insists on a "Nanny State". Why can't they provide us with an option? What have they got against dual streaming in National schools? Is it the same rhetoric that they used against the noble La Salle teaching tradition/schools?
They appear not to recognize the need for the freedom to choose as individuals, and we are dictated to on every matter. They people are regarded as incapable of making decisions for themselves, and treated as such. This allows them to control the masses with great ease, and indoctrinate the masses to their liking. It is this creeping paralysis of thought that the Govt desires, so that they can impose their will upon the people through a dictatorship that masquerades as a democracy.

The Govt conveniently absolves itself of the duty to provide for the quality education for the general public - as that which was accorded to them in their (the politicians) days as students. It in turn transfers that role to the mushrooming private sector, who now cater to only those who can pay premium fees for quality, world-class education (read "International Schools").

What could go so terribly wrong if we had an English-medium as a safety-net, to ascertain that we aren't left behind, together with Malay-medium for those who intend to protect the viability and progress of BM as a language for communication, science and technology? Just as they intend to enhance the teaching of English in the currently Malay-medium schools, they could do the same with the English-medium which we could have.
Nobody loses, and everybody is happy - and market forces will determine that the less competitive schools become less popular, while those obsessed with their cultural heritage have that option to indulge themselves.

The freedom to shoose is an essential component of a democracy.
"Choice", however is a word alien to the ruling powers in Malaysia. They appear to believe that statecraft entails the removal of this element of choice from the books - in all facets of life .... from the area of expression, to clothing, gathering, to entertainment. From religion, to politics, to business, to jobs, to education - the people are denied this element of "Choice" in one way or other. This has led to the malaise that afflicts the nation.

To this demand for "Choice" in the matter of PPSMI - they have my vote. The people have a right to Choice, in deciding their future.
This element of choice is essential if we want to create a progressive civil society.

How about you?

If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual,
it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master.
The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects
a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.

- Frank Herbert


  1. I do agree with your opinion that we should be given a choice to choose. However, this is not foreseeable in the near future. It will take a lot of give and take and at times sacrifice on our part for the common good and betterment for the country as a whole. The sacrifices can be in many forms such as reviewing the relevance of vernacular schools for the present times as opposed to having the mother tongue taught as a language in schools.

  2. Totally agree with you. In real life, I get frustated as a Operations Manager.
    Frankly because of communicating with staffs or customers who do not speak neither understand English.It really slows down everything!Especially when trying to explain technical issues.
    A real bunch of losers to Humankind!

  3. I do agree but I blame all this fiasco to Anwar who oppose the PPSMI and pressure the gov to change the policy. The BN gov's intention is to fish vote but the biggest culprit is Anwar. Pakatan should be opposed at all cause as they are willing to compromise even in education policy in order to gain federal power.

  4. It all boils down to politics. For instance there was no need to change English to Malay as the medium of instruction in those English schools that existed decades before 1970. The riots of 1969 could not be traced to issues relating to language. It could not even be traced to race linking to economic function. But the UMNO leaders of the time found it proper to infuse emotion as a cause of the riots. Hence, the NEP which catered for economic issues, and Malay as medium of instruction and language served the foundation of Ketuanan Melayu. NEP has been utilised over the past 38 years to enrich people linked to UMNO bosses, to send non-Malays tax-payers on emigration, and to control the minds of educated Malays that they should be eternally grateful to Razak and Mahathir, and that they should not be ungrateful which was the catch word of Mahathir that Malays forgets easily.

    When language becomes the foundation of Ketuanan Melayu, it becomes emotional subject. It was not a correct technical solution to improve the command of English through learning mathematics and science in English. It is killing teachers and students alike in primary school to teach the two subjects in English. The 86,000 votes cast on Mahathir’s blog say only that the parents do not want to change, however stupid the system is. It is the boiling flogs syndrome, and people care only about their current situation. It is certainly bad to switch from English to Malay in secondary schools and back to English in the universities.

    If Mahathir’s argument that English plays the vital role in communicating and learning, then it should be used as a medium of all subjects in the universities. English text should be used, and the lecturers can choose to speak in what they are most comfortable with. It is better to learn more about what the lecturers would be able to impart, in his language, rather than what he was able to tell in English. Clearly the students are not expected to learn English language from all the learning subjects. The need to know the terms used and the reasoning involved in the subject.

    UMNO leaders are lazy to move with time in governing. They stick to the known divide-and-rule formula for which they have to cater to the emotions of their power brokers, after having moulded them to take those to heart. What goes around comes around.

  5. There was no pro-choice when ppsmi was introduced back in 2003. When you did not get what you want, then you go pro-choice. I have been supporting pro-choice since 2003. And still am.
    The best way to learn science is when the students use their own language. That is not just my view. These are the findings of most experts i.e. educationists around the globe for several decades.
    Who are you to say ppsmi is best for kampong kids?

  6. "The best way to learn science is when the students use their own language."

    Multicultural Malaysia:

    a) Malay speaking - Malay School
    b) Chinese speaking (doesn't matter the dialect) - Chinese School,
    c) Tamil speaking - Tamil School
    d) Punjabi speaking - Punjabi School
    e) Hindi speaking - Hindi School,
    f) English speaking - English School
    h) Dan Lain Lain speaking - Dan Lain Lain School

    Problem solved.

    All students going to excel and become professors and scientists.

    Hooreeh!!! - Malaysians United.

  7. Wow. It will be interesting on Judgment Day to see the reactions of those mothers who have killed their children and those who facilitated the baby killing. How sad the selfish and murderous mothers and abortion facilitators will feel because they will meet the sons and daughters that God had assigned to those mothers, but who rejected them. Yes, the pro-lifers will be exclaiming "we told you so."

  8. Dear Anonymous 06/08/09 16:17,
    You obviously have a one-track definition of Pro-choice.
    Stop rambling about mothers & babies & Judgement day.
    Read what is written and define the phrase and argument within the context of the topic.


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