Friday, 17 July 2009

Spin-drying the Blood of Teoh ...

According to certain quarters, MACC cannot be held responsible. To say so is to "POLITICIZE" the issue!!! All BN parties seem to refuse to implicate the role of MACC in this death, for no apparent reason.
They wouldn't accept the fact that the MACC should be responsible for all those called in to their premises ...... until they leave!!!

They appear to probably presume, that Teoh wasn't quite right in the head (despite interrogating him as a "witness" for over 10 hrs), dreaded his marriage today, and so decided to "jump-off" a skyscraper ... specifically targeting the MACC headquarters - just to implicate MACC- after accepting MACC's gracious hospitality, having had a snooze in the "visitors room". Perhaps they also believe that Beng Hock was just so heartbroken that he tore his pants across the back in the crapper after the snooze, and was too ashamed and afraid to go home with his undies showing - lest he gets killed for it?

Anyway, other quarters wish to conveniently play the old "bogeyman game" and try to draw parallels with the 1-Malaysian eternal bogeyman - 513 .... to play up fears of retaliation by "certain quarters"!!! No sense of shock or bewilderment - just a defensive attitude .....
Here is a reaction to Teoh's death at MACC premises apparently "upon release"- from an "aligned" blogger:

"This is typically Pakatan Rakyat tactics, especially the DAP. They conveniently blame authorities for misfortunes and conivingly soar hatred against people like the Police. The death of a Chinese youth in Kepong post 1969 elections was capitalised by the DAP to soar anger amongst the predominantly urban KLite Chinese against the Police, especially the majority in service were Malay officers and constable. After three days of inciting and instigation, a bloody racial riot broke on the afternoon of 13 May 1969."
- Bigdogdotcom

Here's another possible scenario, published on "The writing Was Already on the Wall So Long Ago" on "Corridors of Power" (MalaysiaToday):

He tried to explain that he is not being stubborn. He tried to explain that no crime had been committed. He tried to explain that he could not possibly implicate his comrades in the opposition for various crimes if these crimes are merely a figment of the MACC’s imagination.

So they continued to torture him. And he could no longer stand the torture. After all, he is not the macho type of man. He is but a gentle man who only wanted to get married this weekend. That was all that he wanted.

They threatened to kill him if he refuses to talk. With tears running down his cheeks he begged for mercy and pleaded with them not to harm him. They threatened to throw him off the top floor if he refuses to talk. Sobbing like a baby he went down on his knees and begged for his life.

They dragged him across the room and opened the window. Then something went terribly wrong. It was supposed to be just a threat. They just wanted to put fear in him. They did not really want to throw him off the top floor. They just wanted him to see what the ground floor looks like from the top floor.

The unfortunate young man panicked. He went ballistic when he saw the distance he would have to travel before hitting the ground floor. He struggled. They could not hold onto him. Gravity took over and the life of this young man was prematurely snuffed out.

The MACC then announced that they had released him the night before. They failed to announce that they had not released him from custody but released him from this world. Then they suddenly found his body the day after. He jumped. He committed suicide. He took his own life. He was never tortured. He was not dragged to the window with the threat that they would teach him how to fly.

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