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"513" Haunting: Corruption & Death in 1-Malaysia.

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“To beguile the time, look like the time;
bear welcome in your eye, your hand, your tongue;

look like the innocent flower,
but be the serpent under it.”

-Macbeth I, v

What we have seen thus far since the last elections of 0308, despite the diarrhoea of applause which have rung out for the "1-Malaysia" project though the MSM, is hardly inspiring and isn't worthy of celebration. Despite not knowing the first thing about what it could mean, the nauseating sloganeering continues.
1-Malaysia is not rigid.... It is a strategic ambiguity.” - so says Najib.
As a testament to their ignorance, soon we'll probably be having Umno supreme council members going for "reeducation camps" (probably costing us tens, if not hundreds, of millions) to be "enlightened" of their role. Whether they like it or not, it is definitely an admission of the ignorance that permeates Barisan Nasional government.

"They may create too many issues for us to focus on......
At the heart of all this, is the biggest lie told in 50 yrs to the Malaysians - the NEP,
sold to the ignorant masses as "Social Contract"
- and used as a pretext to plunder the resources of the Nation."

-CruzinThots, 19/10/2008, "Social Contracts, Social Betrayals and NEP ...."

As we enter the month of August (our "Merdeka month), I can only sit wishing for "a kinder, gentler nation". We'll be getting a plethora of Umno related propaganda on our MSM - on television, radio and the news papers - on the greatness of those pseudo-patriots of Umno who "faught" for "Independence".

Just what have we seen that are vivid in our memories, as we "celebrate" Merdeka this year?
We have the scandals of yesteryears still hanging like a lodestone around our necks, haunting us - and preventing us from moving on to a more cohesive nation which dreams of a common destiny. From the infamous Tajuddin/MAS issue. to PKFZ, OPV, Petronas accounts, Perak Coup D'etat, Istana Zakaria to Istana Toyol. From 513, to Kampung Medan incident, Altantuya, Mr. MIA Bala, Kugan, to Adi Mansor, and now Gunasegaran/ Teoh Beng Hock.... it shows but one thing - the progressive corruption of "values", which have snowballed from May 13, 1969 and the NEP.

BTN’s main focus is to indoctrinate Malays with the idea that Malaysia is a Malay country. The Chinese, Indians and ‘others’ are immigrants. After allowing them citizenship status these Chinese, Indians and ‘others’ now demonstrate ingratitude and start demanding all sorts of unreasonable things such as equal rights -- forgetting that they are mere guests in this country and are therefore second-class and not first-class citizens.

Until today, those who rule the country are still very much the product of a system that was built on the evil perpetrated on that fateful day. They have never made apologies for it, nor have they discarded the ideas that perpetrated the event. In fact, they fight to perpetuate the very evil that is eating into the very fabric of the nation. It is some thing they fight to preserve as "the social contract", not because it is something worthy - but rather because they fear the repercussions of being "found out", upon losing power. What drives them to do the evil they themselves despise, is none other than the evil of the past- when innocent blood was spilled in the streets, with justice being the excuse and the lie.
How is that so, one might ask ....

The spirit of Merdeka has been subverted
by racists and the religious zealots over the years,
and has been replaced by chauvinism – racial and religious.
It all somehow points to the political “coup” that was engineered
during the events that led to the May 13, 1969.

So we had a social contract, wherein the people themselves didn't know
the cancer that was prescribed as a medicine, which was to cure all the ills within.
Unfortunately, we are a society so paralyzed by symptomatic solutions and
one has to wonder whether we will learn anything from this mindless atrocity.


It is quite simple actually - we are a society that seeks symptomatic remedies to the perennial diseases that plague us - from the politicians. There is always just one more Act of the Federal Constitution that needs to be compromised/amended, just one more wayang kulit to show the people that they work, just one more racist agenda to "unite" the people, just one more bogeyman to harass, one more project to squander, one more legal scam to operate, one more death to cover up, ..... just one more evil that needs to be covered up - and it will all be okay again.
This is done by those whose hands have been dirtied by their previous misdeeds, and so they cover for each other while they go on to perpetrate evils ever bigger than the last- and so it goes on ad infinatum, eating at the very fabric of our society, until the nation dies of the corruption within. They become slaves to their political master, the criminals that walk the corridors of power, unto each other and become partners in crime. All these, while they reap material the benefits which come along with it - which in turn dulls their senses and conscience. These crimes are commited in full view of the general public, and it is spun by the propaganda machinery as being in the interest of the "people".
Evil then, has a pretty face under the guise of progress, and wouldn't be so difficult to perpetrate any longer - especially when innocents have eaten the fruits of the blood spilled a generation ago ....

The events that have transpired of late, will soon, once again come to head.
These events highlight none other than the lack of respect for words that could be alien to many - the will of the people, legitimate authority, rule of law, accountability, honour, justice, and most importantly, respect for life itself. Although once again the price will be paid in blood, this time, it will be with a difference. Despite bedeviling of the "Chinese/kafir bogeyman" and the much heard calls of "Ketuanan Melayu", they who perpetuate these evils will be their own victims - and they will eat into the lifeblood their own people at first, until the day comes when blood needs to be spilled on the streets, to feed the hunger of evil.

The factis, it has already begun, and it can only get worse - only thing is, many(especially the Umno hordes) don't know what they are being fed on ...... at least not enough, as yet.

This "May 13" is however, used time and again by certain quarters to intimidate, threaten and rule, like it is a "feather in the Cap", an "achievement" to be proud of - when it should be a day of shame - to rally their unthinking followers into "asserting their rights" (which are actuality, only 'privileges' with an expiry date).
Merdeka Day as we know it, is "celebrated" as the achievement of one party, the BN/Umno/MCA/MIC - and not that of the people, which includes the Opposition.... This is the shadow of May 13, under which we live. It is the flawed foundation/philosophy upon which our politics, economy and country was built, for the past 38 years. If the foundations be flawed, is it too surprising to see Umno and its core BN allies become the schizophrenic Frankensteins that they are today? I guess not. This is the "Merdeka" we celebrate - or is it actually "May 13" that we celebrate?
-"Merdeka" & The Haunting Spectre of May 13.

"What you applaud you encourage,
but beware of
what you celebrate."

-Peggy Noonan.

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