Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Autopsy Report - Little Soft Tissue Injury for a 9-Floor Fall.

The TBH Autopsy Report(click on link for full report)

Glaring inconsistency - that's what I thought the report presented, in coming to the conclusion that the death was consistent with a fall from height.

Autopsy report does state injuries consistent with fall from height - that is, the fractures. However, I am perplexed by the fact that there was only a fracture along suture terminating as hairline fracture at vertex after a 9-floor (=/- 100ft) plunge ....
The soft tissue injuries (considering the many fractures) is quite another story though .....
Consider this - the minimal bleeding and internal organ injury (abdomen & head), considering the impact at possibly 1 ton momentum at which he must've hit the ground.

No mention of haemorrhage in eyes were ever mentioned ..... so it mut've been "clean & clear" as ever. (Listen to the video below - looks like Nizar had more common sense as an engineer ...)
Never mind that the organs - Kidneys and liver - were all intact (presumed from the omission of that statement in the report) - From what I presumed, among the soft tissues, the first thing to go, would've been the spleen with massive hemorrhage .... looks like he fell a shorter distance, or was possibly dead/dying at impact.

This then begs question - is that consistent with death due to a fall from a height of 9 floors? Could he have actually broken all those bones and yet caused so little soft tissue (abdominal & head) injury.

One last BIG question - where is TBH's watch?
Surely it must be at the premises ....

Something sure does smell fishy - bigtime!!!


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