Monday, 17 August 2009

The Conversion of St. Jibby!!???.

There is a new spin in town - apparently, Jibby should be given a chance with his "1-Malaysia" project, as he should be given the benefit of doubt that (drum-roll and Beethoven's 5th Sympony please ....) -
Jibby might've had a "Damascus Experience"!!!!
I couldn't help laughing at that idea - Jibby? A Damascus Experience???!!
All I could say when I read this Bob fella who claimed to be with the blues was - OMG, WTF!! Anyway, I was polite in my answer which I have also given below - lest they complain something about insulting something (never mind that he might've insulted St. Paul's experience ....).

This has been tickling me all weekend - so much so, I had a dream last night .... of Jibby's "Damascus Experience". Using Parmagianino's painting of the Conversion of St. Paul, I have attempted to illustrate the nightmare I had last night of Jibby's "Damascus Experience", as it might be in Bob's imagination, the commenter in the post "Somebody Tasted Blood".

Note: I can hardly cram in all that I saw in my dream of his possible "Experience" .... but here's an image of some of the thing's I saw (with apologies to Parmagianino who drew the original Conversion of St. Paul)
So here goes the Comment from "Bob":-
I wonder why we think that the gay guy was responsible. He is intelligent. He would have covered all the bases.

My personal belief is that we need to take a step back and consider whether it was some pencil pusher, who was trying 2 win brownie points from his/her political masters.

I believe Najib is getting the short stick. Doc, u should understand that people can have a "Damascus" experience, and perhaps our PM has had one. That's why he is pushing the 1Malaysia.

Maybe a lot of other people dont like the 1Malaysia concept, and want to protect the status quo.

Anyway a house divided will collapse. So plz turn the other cheek, and lets support the "born-again" Najib. Give him a chance.

I am a "Blue" person, been "blue" for generations. But during the last elections, I told people that the Green, Light Blue, and rocket were OK choices as a lesson had to be taught. But the Green guys in my state, led by a pseudo-Keris holder is regretting his conservative nature in that he did not accept my mother's dentist offer.

Give Royal Blue a chance. He is trying to move away from the "Dark side". We should help.

BTW the chap from MUAR is a permanent resident of the Dark Side. So I wonder who is Luke?

I wonder also who are KuLi - Ben/? , Zaid Ibrahim, Anwar, LKS, LGE, ???


The following was my reply:-

Dear Bob,
I don't know which gay guy you're talking about, but the "Blues" definitely had their chance for 50 yrs.
As for Najib's !-Malaysia, it is one big "?" - it is a lie when you put it up against the hypocrisy of racism that the "blues" stand for.

And as for his repentance/reform needing "help" - I'm all for it .... only thing is, it is best done in a "monastry" and in abstinence. Not with all the trappings of wealth, luxury and power. Moreover, I believe that there are definitely many more in Malaysia who would be more than qualified to take his place.

What amazes me is the fact that many are willing to keep giving "the Blues" "a chance", when they have been given so many over 50 yrs. Trust isn't something the "blues" evoke - not anymore ....

I'd rather give others a chance, come what may ....

The other personalities you mentioned - maybe you should read up more about their ideals and convictions to get to know about them.
I'm sure you cannot find decent reading material on the intellectually bankrupt "blues brothers", though.


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