Friday, 7 August 2009

HOW TO bamboozle YOUR PEOPLE ...

Plagiarism Inspired by "Apanama":
(Look out for the next post in BM - entitled "Budaya Mugabe", also dedicated to "Apanama")

1. I would like to thank everyone for the comments on the above.

2. Of course I don't like comments, unless they carry my balls. Anyone who says he likes criticism must be a hypocrite.

3. I admit that ever since I became Minister of Education, through my period as Deputy Prime Minister and then as Prime Minister I committed a lot of mistakes. I would not be monster and a jerk-off if I did not. Come what may, I have learned that I can never admit them publicly, lest the unthinking hordes who worship me get disillusioned.
The idea is to boggle their minds and make them stupid. Now that's real education!

4. I am sure my critics also made mistakes in their lifetime. The only difference is that their mistakes affected only themselves - because they are a bunch nobodies, not worth my spit. But if they get the chance to be PM maybe they will make the same mistakes I made.
And we all will suffer - only thing is, I believe nobody suffered when I made them.
Even if they did, who cares!

5. Now we are seeing the former opposition parties forming Governments in several States. They were before very critical of Government mistakes. Now they seem to be making mistakes too - thanks to our sabotage.
So with the help of our state machinery, we must light even more bush fires and prod them to make more mistakes, so that the people suffer even more and these governments can be brought down.
In worst case scenarios, we can always throw them out of windows so that they learn to fly ......

6. Malaysians will have a tough time in the next general election.
They may not like Beruk Nasional which for 50 years have been throwing tens of thousands into detention under the Internal Security Act, wasting public money building towers, airports, ports, highways etc, muzzling the Press etc etc. But they will definitely, surely find the so-called alternative coalition not much better. Nobody can do much better than me or my hordes.
So, my logic is, they shouldn't choose what is a little better, and what's worse has to be better -who cares if that make sense. Bottomline is, everybody has to be muzzled, so that they think they have a perfect and strong government.

7. Really Malaysia is a most fortunate country. It still survives despite all the odds.
It has experienced misrule and plunder ever since May 13 when my star started shining - until I left office. But my glory years were definitely the best. Now the new government takes the blame, and is banging balls because of me. And it looks like it will continue to be misruled (my way) if Jr. can ride to the top - on my money.

8. Maybe my stepping down was a mistake also. How much better we would be under Mamak rule. Every serious contender would be detained under the ISA. Everyone, Racists, gangsters, pirates, butt-gropers, C4 experts, Toyols and thieves included, would be able ot (sic!) speak their minds and contest in elections. Someone should be blamed for making me step down.

9. Cry my beloved bank account, my Apanama yacht, my holidays at the Pampas.

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