Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mercury Rising in 2-Malaysia!

"It goes back to the fundamental contradictions in Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Vision 2020 ..... It offered the image of an economically and technologically modern society,
but failed to recognise that you cannot simply create a modern economy with modern technology and keep everything else pretty much unchanged."
-Clive Kessler, Bumpy stretch ahead for Malaysia

Six months down the road, it appears that Najib is losing his grip on party matter - and he needs another "war" to prop him up.
Everything Umno does, seems to be going wrong - from the proposed Internet Filter, to Rohaizat's candidacy, to the caning of Kartika, to the beer issue, to the reversal of the Non-Muslims only ruling for the Black eyed Peas concert, to the Visit Malaysia advertisement. Let us not forget Najib's address to the media - encouraging it to be bolder in its journalism, and to report without fear or favour, while at the same time retaining the PPPA....... and of course Moohyiddin's lie at Permatang Pasir, that Singapore threatened to go to war over water.
Morale in Umno is low - bigtime - and he needs a reason to have his Umno minions to rally around him.

As usual, Umno looks for a "bogeyman" to attack, in its efforts to unite Umno that appears to be very much shaken after last year's mandate - it is a party so weak, that cannot feel at ease unless it gets a two-third majority in Parliament.
In search of a bogeyman to blame their failures on, we now hear that our former Information Minister, Zainudin Maidin saying (in Utusan, of course), “If 50 years of independence have given a deeper understanding of the poison sowed by Kuan Yew 40 years ago, the recent events mentioned would not have occurred.” “Singapore sticks to a Third World democracy despite having a developed world mentality, while Malaysia has a Third World mentality but a developed world democracy.

We had plenty of racist rhetoric from the fascists/extremists. Candle-light vigils disrupted. We had cycling children apprehended. Then came the Perak coup in which hooligans took control of the State assembly with the support of Najib. Then the threats of violence by a group of hoodlums disguised as NGO at the anti-ISA rally. We had Teoh Beng Hock die with the "cooperation" of MACC. We had some two-bit "Islamists" threatening violence and blood using a cow head, with an "inexperienced" police force looking on. Lately. we had Najib openly announcing that he "wants" Selangor, despite the people's mandate. And today, we have Aduns arrested in Perak. (That's the "developed world democracy" Zam speaks of!)
All these, while he goes around proclaiming a "1-Malaysia" - devoid of Law & Order.

To me, there is a very obvious pattern of events that are taking place - "somebody", it appears, is desperately trying to subvert the the whole system that holds the country together. This "somebody" needs to rally one sector of society against all the others, whose support they have lost (and have no hope of regaining).
The temperature is being raised, and those on the offensive are now bent on creating a very nervous society which can one day "snap", and then run riot. This will bring about calls to curtail civil liberties and "stern action". It is being made increasingly obvious that the lazy Home Minister isn't too keen on the "review" of the ISA, as it was a convenient tool to be used on dissenters on the pretext of "national security".

To make it possible for them to retain ISA and other draconian laws (like the Police Act, PPPA, Sedition Act, UUCA and the OSA), they seem to need some level of "insecurity". The people (mainly the Malays) need to feel insecure - and only then can these archaic laws be retained. They need to feel like they are defending something that means everything to the Malays - and "hang the other Malaysians", and hold them at ransom (that includes the "bumiputeras or pribumis" in the penisular or Sabah and Sarawak).
They need to raise the temperature of politics and threaten the public with chaos and trouble. The Malays must be made to feel that they will lose everything, when they never did gain much - beyond the political hogwash and racist rhetoric peddled by their Umno masters. They want us to ask for "stern action" against dissenters.

So what we have now is the creation of 2 Malaysias in "1-Malaysia" .... one has to hold the other by the balls. That is the "Pekan Formula" .... that is Ketuanan UmnoPutera.

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