Thursday, 10 September 2009

Jibby falling ......



Recently, Judge Azahar Mohamed rejected V. Sivakumar’s suit to seek damages from R. Ganesan for the Perak fiasco (aka coup d'etat) which was orchestrated by Najib's BN.
The recent judgement by Judge Azahar was at best stupidity par excellence, his rationale, mind-boggling and his grovelling before his Umno masters, disgustingly pathetic!!
While Zorro Unmasked contributed the above two images, Kim quek asks in "Judge slapping his own face?"- "By declaring Ganesan as the rightful speaker, Judge Azahar is in fact making a legal judgment. Is that not a breach of Article 72?"
Then comes CPI ridiculing the absurdity of the judgement in The Perak Speaker chair: Contradiction in judge's decision.

There is a problem with the Government's definition of "Legitimacy" as it is peddled to the public - under the Najib leadership, it believes that it can be achieved to "legal gobbledegook" and contradictions. It believes that having "learned judges" making silly judgements in kangaroo courts, can grant it the legitimacy that it craves for in Perak, under its henchman Zambry. It believes that cheating through the usage of the legal machinery under its thumb grants it that legitimacy - and no amount of reason can change that fact, where Umno is concerned.

Of course - Najib and his henchmen of course goes out to town saying that Pakatan Rakyat refuses to respect the rule of law by denying Zambry the legitimacy it hopes to get from its legal machinations, brute force and intimidation using security forces at its disposal. They have the audacity to demand that PR "play its role as an opposition" - while forgetting that it is in actuality the legitimate government, which did its duties according to the Constitution and Parliamentary convention!!

Najib and his BN minions refuse to acknowledge that PR is actually defending the rights of the citizenry to have proper representation in the duly elected Government. They're attempts at seeking justice through all relevant avenues have failed miserably due to the failure of our institutions of democracy- and hence they're performing its role through activism. While it is perceived as an inconvenience, BN refuses to admit that it is what the people want and expect them to do.

What suffers here is none other than "Liberty" - the liberty that people have in giving rulers their mandate. That Liberty, has been taken away from the people through the rape of the Perak State assembly, the subservience of the Police force and the emasculation of the Judiciary.
As this legal charade plays out, the Jibocracy aspires to capture Selangor using the same "democratic" tactics he used in Perak, while the Terengganu BN govt languishes and is in danger of falling apart. Najib fails to realize that the more they try to defend the indefensible, while subverting the democratic institutions of state (as Mahathir did) or light bushfires for the PR govts - the more he will be despised by the people of Malaysia. He refuses to heed Tun Dr. Ismail's warnings against the abuse of power .....

TBH's inquest is still smoldering, attempts are made to get the High Court to interfere in it and suppress justice. Lately, through Najib, PKFZ has been granted a "super task-force" to tackle the problem of shit hitting the fan.
JJ is made exile-Ambassador to USA, an idiot goes to the UN, Idris Jala is made a KPI minister and Ahmad Said is offered a backdoor Minister-ship (an offer which is rejected).
Let us not speak of SHAM - The Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (better known as Suhakam) - they're more like 'anjing suruhan' to the BN govt ....
Meanwhile, all major component parties in the BN are in a mess - MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP - they're all having their own internal strife as a result of the blow they suffered in the last GE. Cow-heads are paraded as a symbol of resistance to allegedly "unIslamic" actions of the PR govt. Note that Mr. Chris claims that it was legitimate and flip-flops before having them charged - that too, for "Illegal assembly" (which nobody complained about, considering that "freedom of assembly" is a very constitutional right) and the silly, archaic and outdated "Sedition Act" (pardonnez moi, mon ami - just WTF is that??!! Doesn't the Penal Code provide for actions against these hoodlums?)
Now we have Selcat revealing abuse of funds by BN rats abandoning the previous Selangor govt, while the aging IGP (who is apparently totally inefficient) stays on and the Altantuya case is still alive.
In my earlier post, I had put up RPK (who as he himself claimed, is apparently very much in the country with the knowledge of certain authorities) speaking against the subversion of justice seen in the Altantuya-C4 case. This meanwhile, hangs like the "Sword of Damocles" over our dear old Mr. & Mrs "1-Malaysia" - Jibby & Rosie.

All these political intrigue points to one thing - the Najib administration is fighting tooth and nail to defend and prop-up the Kleptocracy which is falling apart ...... it is supposedly no secret that there are spanners being thrown in the works - especially by the Mr. Sleeping Beauty group, which apparently is working with Mr. Moohyiddin in Umno terBaru.
It remains to be seen if Jibby would resort to "undemocratic actions" (read - violence/chaos by design, culminating in "emergency") in coming days, to get their hands on more power........
and most importantly, the the Cash COWS of the nation.

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