Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Stinking Scams - "Are We Cowards as a Nation, or a Nation of Cowards"?

Today, I'm posting Art Harun's entry on Facebook, with my comment and that of Michael Lui - which is in essence what I wish to say. (I apologize for not writing as usual due to other pressing engagements.)

1 Scam!!!

Two Acer laptop worth RM9k were bought by MARA for RM EIGHTY FOUR THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED FORTY , the Auditor General reports.

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) paid RM84,640 for two Acer Aspire 5052 laptops when the price for each was RM4,500, revealed the Auditor-General's Report.

The Balik Pulau Mara Higher Skills Institute also paid RM40,830 more for 15 Hewlet Packard P3005X laser printers and RM3.45 million for 450 Dell Precision desktops -grossly above market price and out of production now.

They also bought teaching manuals worth RM358,476, which were never used.


Cruzeiro Dc
This is the result of Mahathir's Ketuanan Melayu!!
Don't people realize that Ketuanan Melayu is 1-Big Scam, used to fleece them of their blood & sweat?
Year after year, the AG comes out with a diarrhoea of scams, which get NFA - and the Umno malays think they're losing financial/economic mileage to the 'Nons' becos of their weakness, rather than Umno's daylight robbery.
Jeez man - Umno supporters must be such imbeciles!!

Michael Lui
What does it take.. to get a country to be honest, its people to stand up against corruption... its culture to no longer accept it.. its apartheid to be dissolved.

We can't seem to find anyone in politics, in govt and in power that loves the country more then their own wallets.

Are we cowards as a nation, or a nation of cowards. The corrupt flourish while the innocents and voices of reason or dissent against this status quo get thrown in jail. ... Read More

If UMNO or Najib or BN were to change and truly stand up for the people and being already in power they would have the chance to endear themselves to us.. and right so many wrongs. Regardless of the past I could still vote

Instead all I hear from friends since deciding to return to Malaysia is... keep your head down, let the Malays do whatever..its their country, and even was told to ignore crime if I see it.. just take care of my own ass, dress like poor man, look like a poor man and don't bother to vote .. but the bests of all were.. Don't speak out Brother.. they won't gun for you they will gun for your family and Thai/Indon assassin cheap you will be dead for 3000 ringgit.

Our country folks... is in bad shape. Sigh. Crappiest homecoming greetings ever :)

Cruzeiro DcCruzeiro Dc
ML - Nice comment.
It is called The Disease of Fear and Apathy - I wrote about it here in December 2007.

Yes - it's very disheartening, and it breaks ones spirit if we lack faith and courage. They want us to stop.
The media is grossly skewed against the blogs/ online press. Rocky and Marina Mahathir went "on strike" to stop "politicking". First they ridiculed us and called us names. Some of us were harassed by "certain quarters", had our PCs confiscated, files opened on us. But we did awaken the public. Even today they published something saying that there's "political fatigue" everywhere - to break our spirit....

It's a long road, Michael - we only won a battle, and the war is ongoing. We just have to persevere with educating the public about their rights. Let us be thankful that they responded somewhat on 080308 despite all their fears. Nobody thought it would happen.
Though the awakening did happen, it will take time for them get the courage & faith to get up and run ..... so let's keep the faith, bro.
Cheers, mate.


  1. Meanwhile Najib is praised for his recent GA speech. The praise has been creative. Umno should be more fashionable with the young, it was written. That being so, the young will say that since they are generally computer-savvy, they will then have absolute right to ask how is it that Umno-run MARA can possibly sign-off the purchase of two laptops at such a price that the overpayment by some RM75,000 could have been used to support many poor MARA students in keeping with the praise-giver's phrase 'Umno from cradle to grave'? Now it was explained that the college project was given as a lump sum and the Umno-run federal govt wanted it to be that would seem to explain why things were purchased without proper per-unit costing.

    And then we remember the RM400 screw-drivers. So it seems that just over two years, Umno has raised the stakes. From something overpriced to RM400, it can turn a blind eye to something overpriced to almost RM40,000 each.

    The same wave-off modus operandi has also been applied to the Lingam case which is now apparently quashed because they couldn't find evidence of who had moved the documents that would have pinned the culprits. Indeed documents have legs these days.

    This cradle-to-grave thing applied exclusively to one race by a political party that runs the federal government of a multi-racial country is certainly a worthy cause. It is so worthy many will obviously overlook the statement made by the party's president at that same assembly. Namely Umno is not a racist party and it does not practice apartheid. There you have it - a contradiction.

    So what do the peoples of Malaysia have right now? A political party called Umno that is irrelevant in the context of multiracialism, corrupt in the context of integrity and people-first, inefficient in arresting malpractices in the context of performance upheld, and add a pathological liar for over thirty years of ripping off the peoples, including and especially the Malay race and the Umno general members.

    If what the Auditor-General has found out came from the works of just the underlings of Umno, what more won't one expect that remain hidden by their masters? If their masters allow for them to continue year after year which is what the Auditor-General reports tell, then doesn't that mean their masters are providing implicit approval for such crimes to continue which therefore begs the question whether their masters aren't themselves above such crimes?

    All this 1Malaysia, Vision2020 and sloganism will not save this country. Only the stoppage of Umno and its cohorts will save this country. At least in Opposition States, you get to hear the chiefs coming out to say they will get to the bottom of the few cases..but in Umno-run states, the silence is deafening.

    Form over substance; white-collar crime over integrity; divide-and-control over true unity.

    They have no standard and yet can talk about the need to relinquish siege mentalities and malay dominance but to champion malay leadership.

    The peoples of Malaysia ask: if malay leadership means forty thousand ringgit laptops and four hundred ringgit screwdrivers, then Umno is screwing the peoples. That may also explain why they are so creative in bringing up sodomy charges.

    cruzinthots - what do you like to read?

  2. Neil,
    Thanks for your nice comment.
    If my interests interest you, maybe the Bookmarks below the Blogroll may be of help.

  3. Great Leader's son is Director in the San Miguel Corp, the largest beer brewery in the Philippines

    Typical hypocrite. When poor helpless Muslims (like Kartika) are
    whipped for the act of consuming 3 glasses of beer, a well connected
    son of a scion, is now set to benefit in the millions by selling
    billions of mugs of beer. His father was the first one to have
    declared that " Malaysia is an Islamic state". His brother Mukhriz,
    who also happens to be super rich is one of the great stalwarts of
    Malay and Muslim rights. Malaysia has become another Animal Farm. As
    George Orwell said; " All men are born equal, but some are more equal
    than others."

    Our Great Leader's son, Mirzan Mahathir, was recently appointed to the
    board of San Miguel Corp, the biggest food and beverage conglomerate
    in the Philippines and the owner of San Miguel Brewery Inc. Q-Tech, a
    Manila-based investment company in which Mirzan has a stake in,
    recently acquired a 19.9 per cent share in San Miguel Corp for 39.61
    billion pesos (RM2.9 billion).

    It bought the stake from Japan's Kirin (Japanese Beer) Holdings, which
    used the funds to help finance the acquisition of a 43 per cent stake
    in San Miguel Brewery Inc. San Miguel Brewery controls 95 per cent of
    the Philippine beer market. The company has made San Miguel Beer for
    more than a century. The beer is brewed in the Philippines, China,
    Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, and is sold in 60 markets
    worldwide, according to the company's Web site. Mirzan's corporate
    forays have not been without controversy.

    He once controlled Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd when Dr Mahathir was
    prime minister, but was forced to sell its shipping assets to Malaysia
    International Shipping Corporation (MISC), in what critics said then
    was a bailout. Malaysian Insider

    I think Malaysians should know by now that there are three sets of
    laws in Malaysia: One for ordinary Malaysians, one for UMNO and one
    for Mahathir and his family. The Mahathir clan are the most
    hypocritical people around, pontificating and lecturing others while
    doing exactly the opposite. Frankly I am sick of them and the fact
    that no one dares to challenge them, especially their evil patriarch.
    His blog is infested with servile fans which goes to show how screwed
    up many Malaysians are.
    Yes, I just can’t understand how this Indian could wield such a spell over Malaysians? After cooking up lies and inflicted untold sufferings to Anwar and disgracing many upright Malay top civil servants, this old fart is still unrepentant and keeps on using distorted statistics to support his distorted views of the racial shares of the economy; there are still people who are beholden to this icon of ruthlessness, lies and deception. Wasn’t he also known as the 10% man?
    Is Malaysia so really short of talents and has to go back to this 84-year-old dinosaur to make head-lines and advice? What image would we want to project to the world? How would we want ourselves to be accepted?
    We heard of “Stupid leader, stupid followers”. But I believe Malaysia still has plenty of talented people. Take on a lesser person like Kartika??? You are right, “Are we cowards as a Nation, or a Nation of Cowards?”


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