Thursday, 12 November 2009

Is PI Bala Now On The Offensive?

The following was on MalaysiaToday:

Something like "PI Bala resurfaces .... Bombshell 3"
The link to Free MalaysiaToday which supposedly published it now shows Error 404!!
Even the header and excerpt has disappeared from MT!!!! (I wonder why)
I happened to copy a few words from the article:

"he was taken to see XXX at the Curve in Damansara on July 3 2008 when he was told by the YYY’s architect brother to “follow instructions if he loves his family.”
Hours after that meeting, Bala signed a second statutory declaration which was prepared for him and later issued to the media.
He and his family were then taken by road to Singapore before being flown to Thailand and and Nepal and eventually to India, where he has been hiding since."

The names - "XXX" & "YYY" - has been deleted to avoid naming people in "unverified" news ....
I have no way to verify any of the above - but someone did say thru an anonymous email some time back, that Bala will resurface, and "work is in progress" .... and I believed him, although I never knew him personally!!!

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