Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Refreshing Mahathir's Memory .....

Here are a few comments from readers of MalaysiaKini, in response to Mahathir's comments on Anwar's role as "Economic Advisor" to Selangor:-

"Dr M: Anwar right choice to bankrupt S'gor"

Kanesin SVS Sappania Pillay: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it was you who made Anwar Ibrahim the finance minister in your cabinet and he was sacked for reasons other than failing as finance minister if my memory serves me correctly. I am sure he would have learnt from his 'failure'.

Ed: Hmm, and yet he was the right choice for finance minister under your administration. I guess Mahathir always had the tendency to surround himself and his cabinet with people who 'didn't know anything' in relation to the offices they held.

SusahKes: Well, let's see Dr Mahathir. You were responsible for:

1) Awarding privatisation contracts at hugely inflated prices

2) Bailing out MAS by paying higher than market value for its shares

3) Using Petronas to bail out your son

4) The loss-making Paya Indah Wetlands/Sepang projects

5) The loss-making Putrajaya development

6) The loss-making Cyberjaya/MCS development

7) The huge Bank Negara forex trading losses (which you conveniently called 'paper losses')

8) Bailing out Proton and passing the mess back to the taxpayers

I've only just mentioned the financial side. What about the 'raid' you made on the judiciary? What about the use of ISA/OSA? What about corruption?

Do you know how much of potential FDI we lost over the years because of the non-financial aspects of your dictatorship? Aiyo, Dr M, don't 'pusing-pusing' la...

Victor Johan: Mahathir, when journalists seek your opinion, it does not mean that you should think they and the rakyat are stupid. Your reply only reflects who you are.

In my opinion, your statement certainly reflects your mental state - you're uncomfortable with the progress that Anwar and other like-minded Pakatan Rakyat representatives are making in providing the rakyat with an alternative government come the 13th general election.

Their success will certainly be your demise and those of the other BN reps - all the cans of worms and skeletons in the closets will be revealed. We need facts, not gutter-level political replies. You were prime minister and finance minister once, remember?


  1. Most of us agree that this MM should be retired from the Malaysian scene, better still just disappear, if at all possible.

    All of us can note that any drivel from him nowadays are made/designed to damage the situation more than anything else.As if he has not done enough damage for close to 30 years already.I wonder if the damages he has imposed on this country can be undone in the next 30 years.

    So why are we still allowing him the space to inflict more damages in his dying years.Are we masochists or what?


  2. This man who taught you to be: ‘Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah’? But had turned into a 10% man and got rejected by OIC to be the secretary-general. He also turns out to be the most corrupted PM we even had!
    This guy lost billions of our $ through mismanagement and corruption; he caused untold sufferings to our lives.
    In my opinion, 'If you are a tainted leader then forever you are tainted. ………..
    But this blazen-faced man never knows shame. At 84 years old still a stirrer, unrepentant, humbug always ruffling feathers even though all the atmosphere is calm outside.
    When will this man forever be ridden of???


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