Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Shortchanging : The "1-Malaysia" Way ....

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Wednesday, 25 November 2009 08:40

We would like to raise the concerns of many individuals who are wondering about the quality of "1Malaysia clinics" that are manned by hospital assistants.

Whilst the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations of Malaysia supports and encourages more clinics to be set up, they must comply with the law.

The law clearly states that clinics must be manned by a registered medical practitioner at all times to ensure quality care.

The Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act (1998) and Regulations (2006) require that all private clinics have specific written policies and standard operating procedures to that effect.

We were surprised that the government had anounced in Budget 2010 that it would be setting up the 1Malaysia clinics manned by hospital assistants, which is inconsistent with the law.

It appears that the government is now promoting a lower standard for private healthcare whereas it would have raided and shut down such clinics in the past.

If hospital assistants are allowed to run the 1Malaysia clinics, does it mean private clinics in general can now also do so?

The government must clarify this point.

A clinic by any other name is still a clinic. The public demands that all of them offer the full medical services expected of a typical clinic in the treatment of ailments.

The majority of 1Malaysia clinics are concentrated in urban areas where they should have been set up in villages and urban fringes where they are most needed.

The government needs to review such health and medical resources to ensure the poor in both urban and rural areas are best served.

Dr Ng Swee Choon
Committee Member, Medical Affairs Committee
Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations of Malaysia

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