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Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea.

As much as PAS might argue that an Islamic system does not mean that Malaysia would transform into a theological state, the people will not buy this.

They are still suspicious that an Islamic system translates to a theological state. And they remember what it was like in the old days when religion once ruled the world.
That was the worst period in the history of mankind.
~ RPK, It's Not About Islam; It's About Religion

No, it is not the Malays who give Umno power.
It is the Chinese, Indians and natives of Sabah and Sarawak.
So, if you are in the mood to whack someone, don’t whack the Malays.
Whack the Chinese, Indians and natives of Sabah and Sarawak.
~RPK, Why Whack The Malays


Recently, RPK came up with two articles consecutively (above), followed by "Splitting What Is Already Split" - which highlights the fact that the Muslim Ummah has been split from the very beginning. They made some real good reading, with some good points to note.

However, I'm inclined to say that there is much denial in all the articles, peppered with misguided opinions & statistics that are at best misleading, considering the circumstances in our political landscape.
Although I have refrained from commenting on MT as I used to in the past, I couldn't help but note the anger and frustration expressed by one commenter - Rainbowseahorse. He couldn't understand, why the natives of Sabah/Sarawak should be held responsible, when they have been suffering for their rebellion against Umno for 20yrs - ever since the "coup d'etat" (led by non other than Anwar Ibrahim, of course) using Muslim illegal immigrants against the Kadazan-Christian dominated PBS of a much younger Huguan Siou, Joseph Pairin Kitingan (back in '84, I think).
Here is the interaction we had (Please pardon the "french" in his comments):-

written by Rainbowseahorse, December 07, 2009 19:37:53
To all you West Malaysians who “whacked” us Sabahans, where the fuk were you Malayans from 1985 to 1994 when WE DARED to be the OPPOSITION STATE? You, along with MOST of you “WANKERShere who knows nuts about Sabah politics were cozily snuggled inside mamakthir and the rest of UMNO’s sarongs, all smiling with containment and praising the BN for being such a good and caring government. Then come the GE, you “WANKERS” smilingly and happily voted the BN into power yet again and without a bloody though to US SABAHANS who were fighting your mamathir, the whole bloody corrupted BN, and, yes, your NOW much beloved DS Anwar who was the second most powerful man in Malaysia at that time.

Now, and only now when you “WANKERS” suddenly realize that the PKR cannot win the GE without our Sabah, and Sarawak, Parliamentary seats, you “WANKERS” start calling us names and hurling all sorts of accusations at us.
You “WANKERS” don’t seem to realize, or too thick and numb skull to begin to understand that it’s all too bloody late to recruit Sabah as WE ARE OUT VOTED AT LEAST TWO TO ONE by migrant voters (all complimentary of your Malayan government) and have no more POPLE’S POWER to kick out, in particular, UMNO Sabah who controls or is being controlled by these legalized migrants.

You “WANKERS” still have at lease 6 Malayan States who HAVE NEVER EVER been an opposition State. You “WANKERS” go tell your fellow Malayans in these 6 States to have the balls to kick out the BN for once in their miserable life instead of voting them into power time and again for the last 52 bloody years of your independence, before telling us Sabahans (who have been an opposition State for eight long years, to have the guts to vote out the BN when we simply don't have that power anymore.

Come to think of it, why did it have to take your 4 Malayan States so long (over 51 years) to become an opposition States only until very recently? It must be you Malayans like the inside smell of the BN or too contented to even consider voting them out of power.

You Malayans are the epitome of hypocrisy and self righteousness!

written by cruzeiro, December 07, 2009 21:43:43
written by Rainbowseahorse, December 07, 2009 19:37:53
You Malayans are the epitome of hypocrisy and self righteousness!

Guilty as charged, my man! Guilty as charged.

Only thing is - today, we try to make up for it ....
And the question is - if you're willing to stand with us for a better future, or do you wish to screw it all up?
Hang the fellas who talk-cock like they know about the circumstances Sabahans are faced with - it is time to enlighten the ignorant, and work with us - even if we are wankers.
Peace bro - I know what you guys are faced with, and I sympathize/empathize.
Sabah/Sarawak has been betrayed by Umno time and again - and most Malaysians don't know about it. Please guys - stop the brickbats against Sabah/Sarawak .... they're in a much worse situation as a result of our ignorance.

written by Rainbowseahorse, December 07, 2009 23:31:35

We would like to work with the PKR, but they too are totally in the dark as to how to take on Sabah, and the one of the very few good people they have, like Christina Liew, has even thrown in the towel in exasperation!

Show us a good leader, and we will surely follow that person! DS Anwar is not that hot with us as he had a hand in project IC.

One more thing, please don't put Sarawak in the same context as Sabah. Sarawakian votes have not been diluted by any large scale project IC as the powerful Chinese Politicians made that quite difficult.
Sarawakians are much more complex people, as is their political climate. There, absolute power over everything, including food on the table, are controlled by Chinese T raid Politicians & Businessmen with that smiling Tiger Taib hand in gloves with them. As I said, it's really2 complex there, compounded by the fact that many of their people still living in scattered communities far from any good roads, it's most certainly no political campaign picnic.

As I said, give us a good leader, and we shall see what we can do to revamp the present corrupted and badly diseased government.

written by cruzeiro, December 08, 2009 12:08:35
Of course - circumstances in Sarawak are quite different.
True what you say about the "triads" - and from what I hear, it is the "foochow" clans that control it .... including the PRDM of Sarawak, while the Melanaus present another version of the "ketuanan Melayu/Islam" policy for posterity. In fact, from what I gather, these "triads" have spread their wings to the W.Malaysian parties as well - Umno included. They have managed to enslave many through their capital controls, with many AliBabas as a front for their NEP compliant policies.

I'm no Anwarista, and as such don't make any apologies on his behalf. Anwar was definitely at fault back then, and as such "ain't too hot"- however, he does present and alternative which can bring about some change. Moreover, with his shaky popularity, he would have to appeal to the electorate to garner more support.

The question is - Are you willing to take a chance on change, or are you content with the status quo which has reduced Sabah to being beggars.
The choice is yours - and it is between hope and hopelessnes .... not good & better.
Cheers, mate.

Now - about "whacking the Malays" ....
Why whack the Malays??
Well, why not - there are still many Malays who subscribe to the ketuanan ideas, even if they don't support Umno. Don't believe me? Just talk to the PAS guys, and dissect what they say well - you'll see that their Islamic state agenda is simply a means towards perpetuating this same ideal.
Ask them about the economic status - they'll say that the "chinese" are still the rich ones, and hence the NEP is a necessity. They themselves, are slaves to the ruling elite, whom they perceive as their protectors. The only difference is - they wish to impose the same ideas in the name of Islam under the patronage of some self-proclaimed Godmen.
Mind you, We are talking about people who would go to great lengths to destroy the secular spirit of our Federal Constitution, here!! And they are Malays!!

This being the situation, many a non-Malay is left in a dilemma, to choose between two kinds of hypocrisy - do they have more of the same with the added garnishings of "Islam-as-I-say-tion" , or allow Umno's acknowledgement of the secular nature, together with the corruption.

Those who call it Islamophobia, are grossly mistaken - far from it, it is actually a phobia for ignorant hypocrites who brandish God's name, so as to justify changing the nature of our nation. That is a terrifying prospect, for any right thinking man or woman - and we are asked to help them achieve power based on good faith ..... despite their silence on the secular nature of our Federal Constitution.

Now - What was the title of this article again??

On another note - Mahathir admits that Umno is racist, after spinning all this while that it was only "racialist":-

'Umno is also racist'

He said that since Nazri belongs to a racist party, the minister must then resign from the party deemed to be racist.

"Nazri says I am a racist. Umno is a racist party, it caters to the Malays.
If he feel that he does not belong to the racist party he should resign from the party."

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