Tuesday, 22 December 2009


As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting much these days - and the reason was/is Mojo, my Beagle. It was a big decision for me, as I deem it a cruelty should I not be able to give it due love & attention.

After much deliberation (and initially chickening-out), I decided to take up the responsibility - and I have no regrets, despite being tired out by this bundle of joy, at the end of every day.
Mojo is now 3 mths old, and has never been trained - and yet, it has learned in a few short days, simple commands like "No", "Sit", "Come", "Bad Girl" .... and she can play non-stop!!
She is especially a "good girl" when she wants us to take it out of the play pen to run around freely - it sits quietly with its pleading eyes. (A friend told me that we shouldn't melt, as they're cleverer than Umno guys, who know who the boss is instinctively, know whom/when to bodek, how to plead, bribe and then misbehave when they can get away with it!)

Despite Beagles being known to be "barky" dogs, Mojo has been very well behaved - it never barked unnecessarily to disturb the neighbors (which is I suppose more than I can claim about our Umno/BN politicians!! Ha Ha!!). It of course barks (beagles actually "bay", rather than bark) when it wants some attention & manja/pampering when it sees people- which is quite understandable for a pup.
Mojo is probably the best decision I've made in a long time - and I'm glad I got her for Christmas. Hope I'll have many more years with Mojo .....

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