Monday, 28 December 2009

Oh No -Not the Umno's "Social Contract" Hogwash Again!!

The following was my comment (with minor editing) to Art Harun's well written "An open reply to Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah".

"government is not a matter of natural rights or social contract,
as in many forms of liberalism. Forms of government are, rather,
to be judged according to "utility in the largest sense,
grounded on the permanent interest of man as a progressive being"

~ on J.S. Mill's "On Liberty"

Well said, Art - if only more Muslim/Malay politicians could rise up to fight for reason, Malaysia would definitely be a better place. This of course is too much to expect (especially when we have a "Mr. Cakap Omputih" as the spokesperson of the ruling govt).

The point that Tee fella (and many other so-called Umno/Ulama aligned pseudo-intellectuals/Ulama, mind you) is making is simply this -
"I don't give a F%$*ing rats ass if I'm said to be right, wrong or stupid-
all that matters is that I support my paymasters. Period.
These are people who have renounced all common sense, to serve their masters.

For reason to get through, they'll need far more than the lonely voices of reason from people such as you, Haris, RPK, YB Khalid Samad (yes- one of those rare voices of reason in PAS ... but where are the Ulamas?) etc.
The established "defenders of Islam" in Pakatan Rakyat, don't seem to make much of a whimper on issues of the fascist "Ketuanan Melayu" ideas, especially when in touches on "stolen advantages" to their benefit - albeit in the name of God.

Things can change- but if only you guys become more forceful, and smack them in their disgusting faces.
In fact, I actually think open rebellion/ revolution against such as these, is warranted in the so-called "social contract" (which he and many other political/ pseudo-religious perverts, so obviously know nothing of).
Some people are too dumb for reason, and only know the law of the jungle ....

"The dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution
is one of the pleasant falsehoods which men repeat
after one another till they pass into commonplaces,
but which all experience refutes."

~John Stuart Mill


  1. Sometimes I think we are spitting against the wind.

    Those siding with the power-that-be, like that Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, are pumping out volumous articles filled with vile and poison. And their articles get to be read by millions since they are being published in the Main Stream Media.

    On the other hand, very articulate articles such as the one from Art Harun, are NOT being read by many.

    True, Art's article are making the rounds on the cyber-space, but a big problem still remains:

    The sheer vastness of Internet, for those who are not politically inclined, it is not easy to seek out Art Harun's articles.

    One has to either familiar with the political links via cyberspace to seek out Art's blog, or having been a very loyal reader of Art's writing to know where to locate the latest update from En. Harun.

    No matter how eloquent or how reasonable Art Harun's article is, the fact of the matter is, the size of the online audience for such articles can not even begin to compare with the MILLIONS of captured audience the venomous garbage of Ridhuan Tee Abdullah being delivered to.

  2. Hi Kalambong!
    True what you say - they've got the upper hand where coverage is concerned. However, I wouldn't say that we are "spitting against the wind" - maybe just something less drastic like "running uphill". ;-)

    Although the effects of it(writings such as Art's) will be slow, I seriously doubt that it will make much of an impact, unless the Malays/ Muslims can find their voices to speak up against the so-called "champions of God".
    It looks like they have a long way to go in that direction with the likes of Mujahid Rawa & his ilk who spew much hot air to blindly vouch for an "Islamic State" he knows nothing about.

    Taking this into consideration, I believe that large proportion of the Muslim community is encouraging the rapid decline of Malaysia into a failed state like Pakistan, Iran, and many other banana-republics.

    We can only hope & pray that voices of reason in the Muslim communities would rise to the occasion, and silence those who use God's name in vain to further their political agendas. That I believe is "quite a prospect" ...


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