Saturday, 23 January 2010

Jibby's Chennai visit heralds a renewed Cyber-war?

Remember the above words some time back?
It appears that some people are looking for the remedy across the Andaman Sea/Bay of Bengal!! Who knows - it (the visit) may have been doubling up as a pilgrimage for some people, visiting their "Guru-JI/Master-Ji ..... for talismans or the like.

Bernama came out with reports that "the people of Tamil Nadu" describe Najib as Malaysia's "New Hero" ... (click image for link)
Really?? Are they trying to insult the intelligence of Indians?
Maybe they heard of the last hero - Samy Vellu fall from grace when he hot hit with slippers ....
On the other hand, know their love for the dramatic movies - they must've heard about Altantuya, missing people, missing jet engines and missing money too.
That would probably fit Jibby into the "hero" category ....

Anyways - I googled and searched for Indian newspapers saying the same - zero, zilch, nada, illek, kucch nehhi!! The Najib visit was just a "footnote" .... I guessed as much - it was only hogwash. The image below came from a local daily(click image for link).
So much for Bernama's report ....

Anyways - word is that, since the Umno sponsored cybergoons are a dismal failure, the regime is now dead set on a cyberwar with the bloggers - with the pros from India/Chennai.
It means two things - firstly, it is an admission that the consistently anti-"Zionist", anti-Umno/ anti-Fascist bloggers are better, Umno is losing the battle and just cannot do it on their own & need mercenary backups.
Secondly, it means that a new, intensified battle in the Malaysian Blogosphere - we may find frequent disruptions, slowdowns, hackings, trojans/viruses etc etc etc.

Let's wait & see if this materializes ....... let's see if the "macchas", "alliyans", "mammoos" from Chennai, Kerala & Hyderabad work with our Pirates of the Constitution from UMNO.
The following letter - purportedly from Putrajaya, was published on MalaysiaToday, today.

Warning and Information (Najib' visit to India)

Saturday, 23 January 2010 admin-s

I have reliable information that the recent visit to INDIA by Najib and govt delegates (UMNO/BN) is mainly to recruit IT professionals and hackers from India for a 3 year contract. It's estimated that more than 200 will be recruited at MYR300 million per annum.
By Wan (Putrajaya)

Dear MT Admin,
I have reliable information that the recent visit to INDIA by Najib and govt delegates (UMNO/BN) is mainly to recruit IT professionals and hackers from India for a 3 year contract. It's estimated that more than 200 will be recruited at MYR300 million per annum.
Their only task is to jeopardize, intercept and make blog sites and bloggers who are anti-govt handicapped. Since mass media which is govt-controlled and Internet and local blog media is out of govt's control, this time Najib and UMNO/BN out of desperation are going all out to weaken local anti-govt blog spheres and bloggers by having these IT pros and hackers to infect viruses and trojans into individual IP addresses through TMnet and Celcom Internet service providers. Najib, Hishamuddin and Rais Yatim, along with a few UMNO/BN cabinet ministers had a closed door meeting with Telekom and Celcom Top gun CEOs to discuss these matters before Najib left for India.
This is planned to affect login passwords, local publication access, slow down systems, and even to the extent of destroying data in hard disks if anyone accesses any anti-govt blog web sites and to avoid blog websites from posting anti-govt news.
This will not affect pro-govt blog sites due to the fact that the interception is based on IP and POP proxy addresses of individual sites and individual access. So, if you access pro-govt blog websites, you won't be affected. Out of desperation, Najib and the UMNO/ BN govt will ensure that Malaysians won't be able to access news from any anti-govt blog portals and these websites won't be able to publish the truth of their corrupt activities and strategies to topple the PR govt in the Internet local access.
Rais Yatim, DPM and Hishamuddin had recently touched on Blogs, Facebooks, and Twitters that can destroy our culture. Besides these they also plan to get the police and army to apply for MyKad identification cards mainly not due to petrol subsidies and other uses but for the coming GE to vote for BN. The recent Allah issue was also another plot by Najib and UMNO to gain more Malay support. Lately, the burning of 2 suraus in Muar is to anger the malays and also gain support. It's apparent that Najib and UMNO will try all means to remain in power to continue robbing the nation of its wealth for another term or longer.
The Mosques on Friday prayers and Islamic cheramahs were lately told to press on kafir issues for the years 2010 and 2011, mainly for UMNO to gain Malay Muslim support. Buying over key politicians and representatives and voters from PR govt is also part of their plan to weaken the opposition so that they can remain in power. They also have plans to increase the incomes and allowances of all royal family discreetly, to gain support to remain in power.

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