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Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is the first time I am blogging at night.

I normally do my research at night. I then write in the early morning hours. I would then post up whatever I have written in the afternoon.

But this time is an exception. This is an exception because of a matter which is exceptionally puke-inducing. The blatant double standard. The plain hypocrisy of it all. The stupidity. The stench of bull shit which permeates the air.

Well, let me tell all of you. I am seldom rude. Let alone crude. And there existed little time when I blow up in public. But now I am blowing up. I am fucking blowing up. I could feel my blood boil. And my skin crawls with repulsion.

And what, you may ask is the cause of this very public and uncivil display of anger and disgust?

I just read a Malaysiakini report that the two so called Muslim who also called themselves journalists for a magazine which has the word "Islam" as its name are now going to escape punishment for their act of desecrating the sanctity of a church and mocking Christianity and Christians in general.

Apparently, no action will be taken "due to overwhelming public pressure". Senior ASP Anantha Rajoo was quoted to have said in his letter to the complainant that the AG Chambers have decided not to charge them.

And the file will be marked "no further action".

Huh. Since when does public pressure could be so overwhelming that the AG Chambers cower in a corner and refuse to do its sworn duty to the nation, namely, to prosecute offenders?

When one considers the speed at which certain "offence" goes to the Court, like the Sodomy 2, one wonders what the fuck this is all about. Yes. What the freaking fuck is this all about? What is it IF THIS IS NOT HYPOCRISY AND DOUBLE STANDARD?

Raja Petra was even detained under the ISA for "insulting Islam" just because he wrote some articles in English about the unbecoming conduct of some Muslims. Lesser acts have been dragged to Court because they are apparently "seditious".

And these people go away Scot fucking free?

Three women were caned - against the provisions of Federal law - for apparently confessing to having committed illicit sex. Another was sentenced to be caned for drinking alcohol in public.

Tell me that the actions of these two did not affect the harmony of our society. That they did not affect the peace. That they did not affect the interfaith relations in our society (which by the way is as fragile as it can be nowadays)? Tell me.

Excuse me. But I think this is fucking bullshit!


  1. I have just returned from Australia. When I was in Sydney I ran into an old friend of mine who had migrated in the early 80s from his placid home in Taman Seputeh. Having not seen or heard from him for all these years I was uncertain if he remembered me. But after a few seconds we got on fine and recalled our days in Pantai Valley in the mid 60s. Now he is a successful businessman providing all kinds of services in the repair and maintanence of homes. His medical degree which was given to him by Professor Dana Raj was of little use to him. But he explained the what he learnt in Pantai Valley was not all lost. He reminded me that education is what is left in you after you have forgotten what you have learnt.

    I asked him about the adjustments he had to make to succeed in Australia.He sais that the first thing he ad to learn to tell it as it is and not be a hypocrite. He told me that when he was in the Ministry of Helath he had to be hypocrite and lie all the time . When he was with his kind he was free to say as he pleased but when he was people of another race he had to measure his words and keep praising them all the time. "Now", he said, " I am free to say as I please. A big stone has been lifted from my head. I do not have to be a hypocrite and please people who are doing all the wrong things for what they believe they are doing for the right reason"

    There you have it. We will find it difficlt to make headway as a nation so long as we are deceived by our own deceptuion. Now that deception is nolonger racial. It has moved into the area of finace and that is dangerous. We have had only 10 years of budget surplus in our long 52 years of independence. It clearly we are living on a hubiristic diet and matters will come ro roost as soon as there is no more cash to feed our living beyond our means. We have to stop being hypocrites if we are to succeed as a notion. Ramalx

  2. I read somewhere that this judgement was seen as something to even out the ill feelings created by the so called Allah issue. This is absolute hogwash and shows the sort of warped thinking of politicians and how they corrupt the my assessment it is nothing more then gaining political mileage at the expense of the minority. People should be punish for the crimes they commit and not to be pardon because of some other issue which is totally irrelevant to the crime in question.

  3. But what actually surprises me more is that there are still many Malaysians who choose to believe that the UMNO government will actually prosecute these devil incarnates at all.

    Similarly for those who think that this Khairy fellow will be any different from his other UMNO brethren.

    So what are the non-muslims going to do about it? Turn the other cheek to be slapped?

  4. Hi guys.
    We all know what is going on. In case anyone thinks that it is about race - let me set the record straight .... IT ISN'T. It is purely Umno- the "7 deadly sins" espoused & propagated by it under the guise of Malay nationalism (not to be confused with patriotism).

    Desmond - it isn't about the non-muslims "turning the other cheek". It doesn't matter if we turn the other cheek or not - but we shall speak up peacefully & hope that the people wake up to the perversions perpetrated by Umno.
    It is about the Umno waking up to the realities their faced with.

    Yes - what goes around, comes around - and there'll be a price to pay for all the gloating that's going on among the Umno-ites.
    The sad part is, all Malaysians will have to pay for this perversion which Umno calls "justice".

    "COWARDICE asks, is it safe ?
    EXPEDIENCY asks, is it political ?
    VANITY asks, is it popular ?
    - Martin Luther King


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