Saturday, 27 March 2010

1Malaysia Clinic: Is the Health Ministry Above the Law?

"You are just Pisang Goreng to "the powers that be" -
where you once needed a doctor's review before a diagnosis could be made,
now you make do with everything & anything (including MCs!!)
dished out by 1/2 past 6 MAs at 1-Malaysia Clinics.
Just wait till your dads/Husbands die from being served antacids for a Heart attack
or IV drips for heart/kidney failure.
You can then thank criminals for treating you
in the name of 1-Malaysia!!"

~ Ya Habibie Cruzeiro al-Thots

"A doctor today with an Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)
is legal under the Medical Act 1971 but becomes illegal
if his premise is unregistered under the PHFSA 2006.

But a Hospital Assistant (HA) working in a presumably legal PHFSA premise, 1Malaysia Clinic,
becomes immediately illegal as he has committed a felony

under the Medical Act 1971 since under this Act only registered medical practitioners are allowed to work in medical clinics.

This is the end result of people like SM Idris who give half-baked ideas
to our poorly trained civil servants
who then create silly laws in a knee-jerk unthinking fashion,
which ultimately not only endanger people’s lives but place the government eventually in a legal quandary.
Worrying statistics of wrong prescriptions and misdiagnoses seeping out of 1Malaysia Clinics maybe just the tip of a disaster waiting to happen."

~1Malaysia Clinic: Is the Health Ministry Above the Law?

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