Monday, 15 March 2010

Of 2nd Hand Gen-Sets & 2nd Class Fixed-Deposits

Of 2nd Hand Gen-Sets & 2nd Class Fixed-Deposits

While our fellow Malaysians in Peninsular Malaysia are enjoying the luxury of un-interrupted power, WE Sabahans, on the other hand, continue to be marginalized as second class citizens and condemned to living in darkness. Forty-seven ( 47) years after the formation of Malaysia, Sabah still needs to "BEG" for development, which should be rightfully and duly provided. Foreign Investors as well as tourists are devastated that a state rich in natural resources, Petroleum, Timber and Palm Oil among other things is the poorest state in Malaysia.

The latest fiasco in Sabah is the discovery of second-hand generator sets, installed and commissioned by Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. (SESB). Hundreds of millions are claimed to have been spent by the Federal Government. Ironically, after all the hoo-ha, Sabah gets 2nd hand sets. What an insult! Yet, imagine, the BN goons want Sabah to be their ever-dependable “fixed-deposit”. More insult!

Ordinary Sabahans are forced to swallow all the excuses, hoodwinks and bull-shit. It was a big surprise that the State Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology, Datuk Dr.Yee Moh Chai came out to ask the Managing Director of SESB, Baharin Din, to tender his resignation for failing to address the power woes in the state. It's rather amusing that Yee Moh Chai has unfurled his imaginary wings by portraying himself as an angel. Nevertheless, well done Dr. Yee. I suggest that if action is not taken against Baharin, the Minister resign his job to show he is sincere and means business.

To add insult to injury, Federal Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Peter Chin has vowed to resign by December 2010 if he fails to reduce Sabah's System Average Interruption Duration Index(Saidi) from 2,780 minutes per subscriber to 700 minutes per subscriber. This kind of political rhetoric - resignations or sabbatical leave are stone-age tactics. All these might well be a political ploy in forcing a coal-fired power plant down the throats of Sabahans.

And what stupidity .... with all the latest technology available and all the big and bold talk about "PRODUKTIVITI" , "MALAYSIA BOLEH" & "1MALAYSIA", …… the entire Federal and State Government has miserably failed Sabahans. Maybe someone forgot to inform these politicians that this is the 21st Century. Stop fooling the rakyat. A leader bears the responsibility of earning the respect of the people, not forcefully demanding it.

Looks like our political leaders’ wish is to become ‘emperors’.

In the process of being elected to run the government, we let our leaders gain control of the state’s ideological apparatuses and we let them own the Fourth Estate (the media). And that makes it easy for them to feed us with political propaganda and bull-shit daily. We let these ‘emperors’ portray themselves as bigger than life which is mere fallacy.

We have allowed our leaders to become autocrats and even kleptocrats.

But 47 years is a long time, too long a time. We cannot allow the situation to continue … NO, We cannot allow this mafiosos to continue to spill verbal diarrhea and pillage the nation.

The time has come and it is NOW - to make that inevitable change. The future generation's very existence depends very much on what you and I decide today.

Sabahans: It is time to speak up. The truth is undeniable, it is so evident.

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