Thursday, 4 March 2010

The true Dato Sallehuddin Hashim (DSH)

The true Dato Sallehuddin Hashim (DSH)

By Yeop Kacak

Was he a corporate player as he has been trying to portray himself? Ask the shareholders of TMI (Turnaround Management Incorporated Sdn Bhd). They would not agree as he had saddled them with debts and empty promises and TMI is in bad shape. TMI should turnaround itself and its subsidiaries, Marang Resort and Furniture Village.

DSH had conveniently picked decent and certainly not the least gullible of characters from his ex-school so that he can manipulate and exploit their good nature and intentions to his maximum advantage. Mr. Amin Al Rashid (Class of 68), Mr. Abdullah Hamid. (class of 69) and Mr. Zaharuddin Alias (class of 70) and together with DSH are all shareholders of TMI. All have been cheated, abused, used and manipulated by DSH whom they described as an ‘evil genius’ and someone who used his intelligence in the most negative and destructive way.

He prides himself as a corporate player. The truth is he was never transparent and he will cheat at the slightest opportunity. He always boasts of his so-called success with Trenergy Berhad but he was only a front of a tycoon, who had initially recruited Mr. Zaharuddin Alias who then co-opted DSH who eventually cheated all the shareholders and the tycoon. DSH had not only lied to his partners that he was paid less than half of the RM40 million by the tycoon, but he (DSH) did not pay the shareholders their dues and had also left the company’s debts unsettled – that’s the corporate player that he brags.

DSH is a dangerous character because he says he is not scared of anyone. He said, “Why should I when I am not even scared of God”. He is not honest and anybody who crosses his path will learn that his vindictiveness is pathological. Worse, he is a gambler; he’s reported to have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in Las Vegas. This explains, despite the millions from the Trenergy deal, he has been a pauper for years. That’s why he desperately needs the job in Selangor and was turned down by the Menteri Besar who knows him better.

He is a clown, an actor and an entertainer. The people in the party say that he is hot-tempered. This is news to his ex-classmates. None of his ex-classmates will say that he is hot-tempered. It was purely acting on his part. He was not sincerely fighting for the principles the party is fighting for. How can he be when he is rotten to the core?

His close friends from MCKK who knew him well never want to be involved in any business with him. They don’t even trust a ringgit of their money with him. His nickname is Chandran because out of a hundred words he said, they only believed less than ten which is a tragedy for such a brilliant man whose verbal talent is indeed extraordinary.

The best job for a brilliant man with a twisted and conniving mind and with a pathologic vindictive nature is a dirty job. He would be a very dangerous candidate for any normal job as the MB of Selangor had read correctly.

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  1. i thought it very clever on how he planned the
    whole production.kinda like the movie'wag the dog'.

    he started with a simple full page interview in
    NST and sitting beside defectors every week.Next
    will be fishing for response from Keadilan and
    when it did,the war starts!

    next surely will be a website that will unravel
    all PKR funders,abuses and confidential activities bit by bit.

    i suppose when you start using Allah to promote
    your political carreer,Allah shows you back the


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