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A long time ago in a "debate" in response to an article by RPK(when I used to actively comment on MalaysiaToday), a commenter had said that he would rather "swing from trees than allow leadership of anybody other than Malay/Muslims (meaning Umno, I suppose)- even if it were to promise progress or riches".

In the aftermath of 308, I had written about the possible sequence of events in Umno, likened to that of the stages of grief in death of a loved one - and if we look back at events, it appears that it is true. But I was wrong to think that they had gotten over it - it seems like they never got past "anger".....
It is this constant sense of paralyzing distrust, fear, siege-mentality, insecurity and helplessness which Umno has imposed by design upon the Malay psyche which has led to this- and it serves the agenda of plunder perpetrated by certain quarters. (I do not mean to imply that DAP makes it any easier for them either) It is these very sentiments which drive many to defend the shallow ideas which Umno propagates. As a result of this very paralyzing mindset, those who propose changes that are progressive, are viewed as adversaries and not partners in nation-building.
It is for this reason that parties who aren't in power are, more often than not, persecuted at their attempts for changes.

What is meant to be addressed in the following piece is the state of affairs with "Malay politics" and the mindset advocated by the warlords who today impede the progress of this rich & blessed land- and rendered it accursed.

These days, we hear a lot about the Najib administration attempting to change the political culture and attitudes of the Umno members - and facing much resistance. This was apparently the very same hurdle which the previous administration faced, rendering it impotent.
UMNO (as a whole) is resisting the change which even many of their members themselves advocate- and it isn't that they cannot, but that they fear (& do not understand) what is being told to be a "new political culture". This "new" thing which "Umno" fears is the loss of power to maintain the feudal culture of patronage which destroys the economy and the very soul of the nation.

As such, there are many so called "ultras" from the "right wing" of Umno who staunchly support the likes of Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir who advocate the "protectionism", racism and paralysis of the Malay mind - in the name of "Ketuanan Melayu". Anyone who tend to disagree with their ideas are perceived to be "enemies" who are consequently demonized as those seeking to "grab power" and emasculate/subjugate the "Malay". What these so-called, self-proclaimed "Malay nationalists" do not seem to care about is how they make fools of themselves in the eyes of those
who see through their rhetoric and infantile economic theories.

Since the rise of the internet as a force to be reckoned with in national politics, Umno has been forced to accept it -despite the fact that it still fails to grasp its nature. Gone are the days when they called dissenters/bloggers, unemployed housewives or "berok-berok". Instead, we have people like KJ attending forums addressing this "new media" many Umno guys opening Facebook accounts or starting to tweet.

It is all well and good for supporters and politicians of Umno to take on the onslaught of the "new" media. However, there is a problem with their approach, which to me is governed by fear and the siege-mentality - and it renders all their efforts at being "IT savvy", utterly meaningless.. They do not really "debate" issues- but rather, use the web to confront,
attack and/or belittle those who challenge their ideas. Any inquiry into the ideas that they advocate is perceived as an attack on the Malay leadership!! (Maybe they are very insecure and have "issues" with rejection, and hence lash out like a kid).
It is this very phenomenon that has led to the proliferation of the so-called NGOs which are so obviously sponsored by "certain parties" to defend their agenda of greed and corruption - disguised as "Malay Nationalism".

Rational debate is often virtually impossible, and what is often supposed to be a debate, descends into abuse and mudslinging- like as if they believe that it helps in "progress". It's often as if they get this weird sense of achievement in "winning" a mudslinging contest!!
Every so often, attempts to engage with Umno supporters end up in verbal abuse, vulgarities and threats of ISA/ arrest, or even personal bodily harm! (You could ask "Bongkerz" about his recent tete-a-tete with "Aizley", who is apparently an ex-RMC guy- and shamelessly issued threats!!) Let us also not forget the persistent threats another 513 by these guys ...... like the shamefull & cowardly bloodbath using "security personnel" (allegedly planned) was their "all-time high" achievement!!! It therefore shouldn't come as much of a surprise that some "security personnel" these days arrest even lawyers who are doing their job, using the (sorry excuse of laws called) ISA/Police Act/DDA etc to assert their power and intimidate citizens.

Things don't look very good for the future of Malaysia, should Umno encourage the thuggery which many so-called NGOs and their supporters advocate - even if KJ and his minions attends umpteen forums and tweet a thousand tweets, Mahathir blog a thousand entries or Rais Yatim advises against Facebook. Until and unless Umno can change their culture, attitude and approach towards nation building - them "embracing" the internet as a means of communication, education, or even propaganda is going to draw more ridicule locally- and consequently, worldwide.
They seem to have have lost the plot- nation-building isn't just about financial stability, but also freedom, rule of law, justice, a civilized culture and accountability. Somehow, these values didn't quite make it to the list in Mahathir's "Wawasan 2020". I'm not so certain what Najib means by his Malay first, Malaysian next conviction in his "1-Malaysia" campaign - but after
the Perak coup d'etat, I seriously doubt that these concepts figure there either...

Meanwhile, let's just have some kacang/roti canai and see how our VVIPs hang out & watch "Malaysia Boleh" Lotus F1 team does with our millions of tax ringgit at the Sepang Circuit ...... maybe we can all "get-off" on that at least.

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