Monday, 12 July 2010

Response To an MCA Stalwart's "dilemma" ...

cruz! the chinese and malays have been dreaming of muti-racialism for umpteenth years but the reality works to our disadvantage as the Malays generally are not prepared to....just bcoz the alternative media is dominated and allow the English educated to speak out loud does not means that we have the real numbers>>>fact
-Ti Lian Ker

The above was Dato' Ti Lian Ker's opinion expressed on Facebook, with regard to the state of affairs of the nation - and his reason for being on the side of Umno/BN in "leading Malaysia to a bright future".
Here was my reply:-

‎"but the reality works to our disadvantage ..."

You said it right Ti - we want a truly equal society - albeit with a fair affimative action policy. But that will never happen as long as the Umno holds the reigns of power - even if they throw crumbs & slop for their "non-Bumi" allies to nibble on.

The problem is, my friend - not that the Malays are not prepared, but that is no freedom for them to know the truth about how they're being ripped-off in the name of NEP. Worse still, all Umno's allies are content to play second fiddle as long as their own rice bowls are filled.

If the Malay had freedom of information and quality education, and they weren't kept handicapped by a siege-mindset (thanks to Umno propaganda), they would've been better off today and would be able to compete on a level playing field.
If the Judiciary wasn't meddled with, we'd have world class courts dispensing justice.
If the media wasn't gagged - we would've had truth.
If we had freedom - we could have had democracy.

But of course that cannot be - as the NEP is the cornerstone of the BN Alliance of pirates & eunuchs .... and so the pillars of nationhood needed to be destroyed for pirates to prosper.
They are happy to create racist monsters addicted to the NEP opium. The saddest part of it all is - the so called allies run to their dogfathers when they jostle for power & money ... and get into the corridors of power.

The "reality" is, Ti - BN never worked for this dream you speak of: and Umno's allies didn't care a damned bit beyond their own pockets, while their rights were stripped away, while they accumulated their piece of the pie!!
They were then too chicken reassert their rights as per the Federal Constitution (beyond waving the book at some AGMs).
That's right - they were chicken!!
As such, today, they are paralysed & the laughing stock of all Malaysia!!

You wanna be a patriot? You wanna make Malaysia a melting-pot of opportunity, justice & democracy, Ti?
Stand up & be counted in a fight against the Apartheid of NEP & racist propaganda of UMNO as we know it!!

So before you go whacking the PR guys, remember one thing Ti - most Malaysians who voted PR in the last election did so because of BN, and not because of their track record (which was nothing much to shout about anyways ...) or fantastic campaign.

Take care, Ti.

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