Monday, 30 August 2010

53 Yrs On - What comes to mind this "Merdeka" ......

“We are going to showcase something different this year.
There will be no cultural performances-
instead we are going to focus on performance by the armed forces and police.”

-Culture and Arts Director-General Norliza Rofli

“It (national flag) is not expensive- cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.
If cost is a problem, we can supply them”
(adding that this year the giving away of the flags for free was limited because the government wanted to see for itself the people’s response to the flag flying campaign)

-Rais Yatim

This year once again, we'll be having the anniversary of our so-called "independence" from the British empire on the 31st of August. Apparently Umno "fought" for "Independence" lah ... at least that is the urban (or is it kampung) legend/myth which has been drummed into Malaysians year in, year out.
The heroic nationalism of Umno stalwarts had determined the freedom which we enjoy now..... the "scrifices" of Umno Malay leaders got us all we have - "tanah tumpah darah ku". all the rest were traitors, and they were rightfully incarcerated by the colonial masters prior to independence under the Emergency Ordinance), and by Umno (under the Police Act & the ISA) thereafter.

This will be the 53rd consecutive "celebration" of the Umno rule - of course, under the Barisan Nasional flag (after the "Perikatan"/Alliance flopped in 1969 after the post-513 internal coup within Umno). In other words, it will be a celebration of Umno Rule, wherein no "opposition" leaders would be invited as guests of honour.
MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PBS, LDP, PBB, UPKO, and all the other submissive pirates in arms standing in the front row to honour the master - UMNO.
Meanwhile, we have fascist, religious bigots, racists and morons among the supporters of the ruling elite of UMNO, running wild - telling others that they're 2nd class citizens or even telling them to leave their country if they don't like UMNO policies of Ketuanan Melayu ..... and our Mr 1-Malaysia with his "Zero-Tolerance" maintains his "elegant silence".

So this year, the "celebration" will be only with the participation of "defence" (only God knows what they "defend" us from- but I hear, it is actually defending Umno from Malaysians) forces .... nice!! Apparently, being the Ramadan - they wanna have it all on a moderate scale .... yes - I'm sure the "moderate" celebration will include rental of canopies & tents for the "security" personnel, as in a certain by-election some time ago.

As for the flags which are supposed to be given out for free - Rais's claim of it being "limited because the government wanted to see for itself the people’s response" - my @$$ ...... I'd rather speculate that (in the Umno/NEP spirit), Ramadan or not, somebody made a hefty profit from undelivered goods, and is laughing to the bank while celebrating "Merdeka!!".

Anyway, that's "peanuts" compared to what I'd worry about ......
This "Merdeka", my mind will be on the
"booming" 10% growth economy,
increasing cost of living,
my shitty ASTRO subscription,
the even shittier lying mainstream media,
flight of capital,
numerous toll booths on our roads,
Police Act,
Sedition Act,
NEP (include NEM, NKRA, KPI, PEMANDU and whatever crap)
Sime Darby,
missing jetfighter engines
(and missing God-knows what else),
Sarawak rain forests,
Petroleum royalties,
the fascists in UMNO,
Perkasa's "Bangsa Ketuanan",
illegals with citizenship,
Perak's lost democracy,
Mahathir's racist "meritocracy",
Umno's bribing Chief Justice Zaki,
Sarawak's Taib Mahmud,
the illegals & the Rape of Sabah,
and of course ..... Teoh Beng Hock.

Yes, yes of course- I'm mighty proud to be "Malaysian" under the stinking yoke of Umno's NEP piracy .... and this is the picture that comes to mind:-


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  2. Oh, sorry to have deleted prior comment..grammatical error..don't want to be charged with sedition.... So that was why 31st August was an off day...thought they were giving us an extra day to do our laundry...the least they can do for wasting our time reading their propaganda....Merdeka? Really? Well, that's news...


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