Tuesday, 26 October 2010

PKR is Begging For a Spanking?

What does Anwar think he's doing?
Does he think he can walk into Sabah and put whomsoever he pleases, wherever he pleases to pusue the PR agenda- when Sabahans don't give a fig about him?
More so, after his actions upon entry of UMNO into Sabah & "Project M"?

Maybe what Zaid said has some truth in it- Anwar seems to be thinking that this whole anti-BN sentiment is about him .... he seems to think that people willrally around him at every turn!!
PKR is fielding Ansari from Tuaran in Batu Sapi, hoping that Sabahans would clamour for his leadership. To say that Sabahans are disappointed would be an understatement. Maybe they're just dumbfounded with the stupidity shown by PKR in Sabah. They seem to be no different from Umno in their early days in Sabah, pushing their weight wherever possible..... and he hopes that people take him in with open arms. WTH- If he was so hard up for a Bumiputra Muslim to contest in that seat, the least he could've done was field Thamrin ....

This time around, I don't think BN needs to do much "buying"- they'll win hands down in both Batu Sapi & Galas (thanks to the destruction of the Orang Asal church).

RPK mooted the idea of a third force- well maybe not exactly, but he has been pushing for it hard lately. Earlier, I thought it may not be a good idea, as it could pull the rug from under the PR agenda to "March to PutraJaya" to displace UMNO.
While I used to be sceptical about the need for a "Third Force" in the past, looking at the way PKR is destabilizing the PR "electoral pact"- I now think that it is imperative that we have this "third force".
If DAP cannot sort out the mess in their own house, if PAS cannot be more consciences in dealing with those who aren't Muslims (more so, the poor Orang Asal), if PKR cannot get rid of their old UMNO ways- let let Anwar's agenda be damned (barring the issue about Saifool's ass), let PKR's agenda be damned, let PR be damned let Malaysians be damned .....
- it wouldn't make a difference anyways!!
Maybe something positive may rise out of the ashes left behind, after UMNO has sapu-bersih this country!!

So Raja Petra Kamarudin/ RPK/ Pete - Go for it!!

The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM)

Monday, 25 October 2010


Here's something from Simon Templer:-
"Anwar, ......... Don't you get it?
The East Malaysians do not trust us West Malaysians
(seriously, can anyone blame them when we have been ripping them off since 1963?)

Let the Sabahans fight their own battle.
Let them keep their own state. "

Anwar, Pack Up And Leave Batu Sapi

Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, October 25, 2010

We rakyat are real suckers.

At least that's what most of our Malaysian politicians seem to think.

The entire Barisan Nasional politicians think that we are idiots who cannot think. (Ok... Truth is I actually know quite a few people out there who can't think. But... Some other time...)

Then we have our not-so-beloved-anymore PKR who thinks that we enjoy watching their year-round circus acts. Yup, definitely not so loved anymore. And I don't think I am an isolated case. We shall leave DAP and PAS out for now as they are not the subject of discussion here. But mind you, they have their own shit-load pile of dung too.

Now what's with the Batu Sapi fight? Isn't PKR the one who first brought DAP and PAS to the table to discuss how to prevent a 3-corner (or more) fight. Isn't the objective of the entire 'opposition' coalition that to fight the single common enemy i.e. BN? So what is PKR now blardie doing in the Batu Sapi fight?

Some of you may say that why can't SAPP not fight and let PKR field their candidate?

Or some of you may say that well SAPP is not part of the coalition, so why should PR even need to talk to them in the first place.

That will be to miss the whole point of the rakyat's fight. The rakyat is not fighting for Anwar (please imprint this in your mind, Anwar). The rakyat is not fighting for PKR or DAP or PAS. You will be dammed if you think that we really love you. What we want is CHANGE. And you political parties are nothing but our tool to get BN out of power. Well that's how things are. You guys are using us to get to power. So don't complain or call us ungrateful.

It doesn't matter to us if SAPP is fighting BN or PKR is fighting BN. As long as someone is there to fight BN, then we'll be on your side. But if you have PKR, SAPP and BN in the fight, what do you want us to do? To choose who we love more between SAPP and PKR? What are you guys trying to do? Eh wankers... The common enemy is BN. Let's keep it that simple.

Now that we have establish that line of thought, PKR or SAPP for Batu Sapi? SAPP la. Look at the name - Sabah Progressive Party. Sabah dei, Sabah... Let the Sabahans fight their fight. This is why East Malaysians do not like West Malaysians. The West Malaysians are always thinking that they are better and more superior than the East Malaysians. What on earth is PKR trying to do fighting the Sabahan fight? You don't see UMNO (Penang based) Gerakan fielding their candidate in Sabah or Sarawak do you?

Seriously, I cannot understand PKR's objective in the Sabah fight. Do you see Ford aggressively selling cars in Japan? No, they do not. They acquire Mazda and let Mazda do the fighting. The profits still ultimately land on their laps.

Anwar, similarly, you do not need to penetrate Sabah via PKR. Neither will the Sabahans accept that. Don't you get it? The East Malaysians do not trust us West Malaysians (seriously, can anyone blame them when we have been ripping them off since 1963?) Let the Sabahans fight their own battle. Let them keep their own state. But while at that, get them to work together with us to form the ultimate central government. I mean, can you imagine PBS recruiting a Wan Kelantan and field him as a candidate in Galas? Ridiculous isn't it. That's exactly what PKR is doing right now at Batu Sapi.

Continue reading at Anwar, Pack Up And Leave Batu Sapi

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