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The "3rd Force" Conundrum .... and more bla,- Pt. 1

We are not forcing you to accept candidates we propose.
If you can do well enough without our help, well and fine.
If you want us to stay out of your affairs just say so.
Just give the word. Tell us to f^%# off and we will.
Then you will never hear from us again.

-RPK, So you want to rumble, let’s rumble

"Saya berharap Haris Ibrahim dan rakan – rakannya
dapat menjadi tulang belakang kepada pembentukan kuasa ketiga ini
dan menyokong Zaid Ibrahim untuk mengetuai kuasa ini."

-Shen Yee Aun, Demi Malaysia, Haris Ibrahim Harus Membantu Zaid ....

"Houston- we have a problem" .... Everybody is talking about it, but nobody seems to know anything about it!!

Yes- Everybody's going nuts over this much cliched ""3rd Force" thingie .... did you read the comments on MT in response to RPKs probing questions? Most were laughable- so much so, RPK deleted them!!! LOL!!

So what exactly is this "3rd Force"? Much like Najib's "1-Malaysia" thingie - many have different ideas about it, and most people think that it has to be a political party ....
Malaysian society matured enough as yet for a party like "Liberal Democrats", and we have numerous mosquitos (that suck the political life-blood out the country) waiting on the sidelines, for some money making scam/opportunity before & after every GE.
Come on, guys- haven't we had enough of political parties filled to the brim with crooks?
What we need is an actibve and enlightened civil society which can guide them along - nothing more.

Moving on- So what "two-party system" are we talking about? I think Nik Nazmi was way off the mark in asking to "Perfect the two-party system".
If anything, we seem to be headed for "Coalition Politics".
The difference is, we're hoping for two coalitions (which consist of parties with varying styles/opinions/convictions but understand the need to get to Putrajaya to make changes to the system) to compete for our votes- that's all.
Now that is not taking into account the many mosquito parties outside the coalitions, which have been set up to split votes (but support one or other when it suits them la).

Haris has been "doing the Spartacus" going to town whacking PKR out in the open.
Granted- giving them a little when required is warranted. Idealism is necessary. But let's not go overboard. Now, when we have a Mr. Pseudo-Intellectual/CronyCapitalist/PrincipledPolitics in the picture threatening to split the party - hold your horses, mate!!
He thinks he's "being fair & non-partisan" in his idealistic objectives. He's questioning & discrediting PKR which is already getting mauled by the MSM with the help of a "Mr Principled Politics with a healthy NEP/UMNO aided bank account".
You want "true-blue democracy" with everything hunky-dory in the party when it is creeping with rats & cockroaches? Get real, mate!!
What- you cannot live with a party that has its own "internal methods" of filtering out the many sleepers/Evelyn Salts/Trojan Horses? What do you hope to achieve? Have you forgotten history- when all the popular non-racist parties of the 1940-50s were hounded into oblivion by an aristocratic, elitist and small-minority party, who were collaborators with the colonialists? Now, you want an ange-white, all-perfect, idealistically optimum, purely democratic party to challenge this monster it is up against, is it?
Woi, brader- barger you .... wake up la- That exists only in dreams okay!!
Porah la- You thought all your political idols were angels is it? Bloody hell man- MLK, MalcolmX, JFK, Churchill, Nehru or Gandhi (and their goons)- for all their angelic philosophy would be laughing at you from their graves la!!
(Ooops!- Sorry for the lingo .... we are "1Malaysia" ... I "change my mode" okay ...)

Give it a break, mate- let them sort out their internal affairs before they move on to bigger things. At least they're attempting something positive.
[Note To all who have joined the PKR-bashing bandwagon:-
Remember that you talk & walk freely today BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU FOUGHT FOR- a strong opposition. Remember YOU did not vote for a democratic PKR- The democracy in PKR was, and is an aspiration, mind you!!
Remember that it is imperative that UMNO goes down. ]

Don't they realize that they're still underdogs? Don't they realize that we need every person who can be an asset towards the goal of displacing UMNO? Don't they realize that they need DSAI/Azmin/LGE/Hadi/TGNA as the cornerstone of their struggle? Or have they developed delusions of grandeur through their "idealism" and purged pragmatism, realism ond politics out their aboral ends?
Mark my words- The next general elections will be staged amidst "heightened tensions" (staged or for real), simply becos there are those who wish to "defend Putrajaya even if it means crushed bodies"- and it would be a convenient excuse to suspend parliament and enforce Emergency (ala 513), "should the need arise".

As RPK said- "WE ARE THE THIRD FORCE", and we don't need to have a political hierarchy to "lead" us. We ARE a force to be reckoned with, even if Anwar doesn't think so anymore. We are a force to be reckoned with, even if PR thinks they can junk the People's Declaration.
However, I take exeption to RPK's tone of "tell us to f@&#-off and we will", okay - if I were RPK, I'd wait till they get to Putrajaya!!
Right now, Umno is having a ball of a time watching PKR/Anwar getting bitch-slapped & banged-up silly - and it affects sentiments/perception and confidence. Malaysians are political simpletons (yes- even the "kacang puteh" man/taxi-driver on the Trivandrum street can put them to shame)- People are confused. Especially when we have a Mr. Principled politics doling out idealistic hogwash which the many voters/idealist have lapped up.
That, my friend- is no good.
Right now, we have a goal to achieve- that's Putrajaya.
Even if they do get to Putrajaya in the next GE (despite the possibility, I'm not too optimistic as they don't seem to be able to come up with even a shadow cabinet- and if they do, it will be with a narrow margin) RPK can always tell them those words- with the help of Umno waiting to thrash the crap out of them.

Contrary to what "Mr. Principled Politics" said, PKR isn't just about Anwar- just because he's blinded by his envy and Anwar's "aura", he's come to that simplistic conclusion. It has taken a life of its own. It is more than Anwar. It is an "ideal" for a new polity devoid of UMNO, which isn't quite on a firm footing. It is the only force that can liberate "the Malay mind" right now. PKR is an "adolescent" in comparison to PAS and DAP, born under troubling circumstances- it is quite likely that it will need some "disciplining" now and then, but don't push it okay. You stand to lose all that you gained thus far.

"Give them a chance- We can kick them out in the next elections if ...." -Wasn't that what you said Pete- when we doubted PAS's commitment, when you stood by their "Islamic State" platform (in the early days of the debates on MT)? So what happened to that "Give them a chance?"? We gave PAS a chance- and they have made changes to adapt to national politics.
Now can you give a man a chance to get his house which is filled with creepy-crawlies, in order, before the next GE?

So drop the "F%#$-off" okay, Pete- let's work together to educate the masses on their rights, constitution and counter the lies spun by UMNO- notably their phanthom "social contract". Forget about the "leadership" for now- don't even "anoint" anyone. Haris as the "spokesperson" is fine. That (Leaders) will come with the credibility of those who make their stand over time.
THAT is the 3rd force you need- a people who can make an informed decision when they decide to vote for their candidates!! An educated electorate will be your third force- and let the intellectual debates guide them to make their choice. Throw a cat among the pigeons- let the debates begin. As for "change"- it can take any shape which the discussions will lean towards.
And Barisan Rakyat sounds good!!

RIGHT NOW- stay focussed, Pete .... the job at hand is to KICK OUT UMNO's RACE BASED POLITICS!!!

Now - Yee Aun and all those political juveniles who dream of "Mr. Principled Politics leading the third force", wake up, will you!!
You really don't know what you speak of, do you?
How do you know what the person is made of?
Simple- just look at his track record ....

(To be continued ...)

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