Monday, 29 November 2010

He wants Angels!!!

Morality is injured by prescribing to it duties that,
in the first place, are impossible to be performed;
and, if they could be, would be productive of evil;
or, as before said, be premiums for crime.
The maxim of doing as we would be done unto
does not include this strange doctrine of loving enemies:
for no man expects to be loved himself for his crime or for his enmity.

~ Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason (1795)

Back when I was fresh out of college, in training at Paeds Institute , I was charged with handling the blood-taking in a whole ward of babies- alone. It was tough as it was heart-rending to keep poking needles into these babies, day-in & day-out. When the "Coxackie Epidemic" (today known as HFMD) struck, that became my work all day- sitting in one place as in a factory conveyor belt, with babies waiting in cue to be bled.

If I didn't get the blood the first time, I had to keep going- untill I got it- simply because there was nobody else to do the job late in the day. At the end of each day, I would've stuck the needle into babies' at least a 100 times ..... Of course- those were the days, when I was the only intern in the unit (not like these days, where you have 20 housemen per ward, and they can even go for movies in between).
Then I told myself one day- "That's IT!! I'm done- where is the 'justice' in this? How can I keep poking the babies, when I'm no expert?" That was when I almost broke down, because it broke my heart to poke needles into babies who were helpless to "defend" themselves- and I went to "talk to my boss" (I'm not sure if it was Dr. Hussein or Dr. Maziah) about it. The "talk" by the way, woke me up to the reality of "life" - it's cruel.

He had only one thing to say - "There are kids there who may die if you don't do the job, and you have the guts to come here and tell me about "justice"?! Know one thing- sometimes, you have to be cruel, to be kind. Now get out of here, and do your job unless you want a three month extension or intend to quit!!" (But he said it in a very calm manner though ....)
Of course- it shocked me that he wouldn't hear of my emotional "ethical" argument- and I cursed him as I went back to work. needless to say, after all the countless "practice" I had on these fine babies' veins- I became an expert at venous access, and was soon "in demand" in other wards and ICUs as well!! the best part is- although I never got a pat on the back, I knew that this skill I had was intrumental in saving quite a few patients in emergencies..... and I saw, how right my bearded first boss was in chasing me out of his office with a warning.

Moving on to my point .....
In a War, It's more than jus "A Matter of Ethics" .... and today, in Malaysia, we are at war- although it isn't exactly a war which involved guns & bombs. It is a war to get back the rights that were stolen by an elite group of pirates who have plundered the nation's resources, while creating a system that subjugates the citizenry and protecting the elite. It is a war for the heart & soul of Malaysia.

So, it was with what I could describe only as "amusement", that I read Raja Petra's "It's a Matter of Ethics" in his NHB column. In it, he mentions that,
"We have become the monsters just like the monsters we wish to remove. Do we really want to remove the devil we know with a devil we don’t know? I would take the risk of removing the devil we know with an angel we don’t know."

Oh boy - it bleeds my heart .... I'm in tears just thinking how "evil" we've become in trying to get rid of Lucifer in the form of UMNO!!!

It appears that he's going through some soul-searching of sorts after his meeting with Mr. Idealism himself- Haris Ibrahim.
Poor thing - RPK has suddenly come out in search of angels in politics, to wage a war against the devils of Umno!!

Maybe he has successfully rehabilitated his opinion that there is no justice in the Malaysian system..... maybe he suddenly believes that Altantuya, Kugan, PKFZ etc didn't happen.
I guess, all the murders, and billions of Riggit siphoned out of the country through their various NEP mega-projects don't matter anymore. What matters is that we use all the squeeky-clean guys to use squeeky-clean "demoratic" methods to sweet-talk Umno into stopping the plunder.
Next, I suppose he'll be asking us to molly-coddle Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa for the insults, abuse and scorn he pours upon Malaysian of non-Umno breed.

Those were the days, when I used to hear that same Raja Petra saying that he was on a warpath to bring down Umno at all costs.This was the man, who in his patriotic fervour once said "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" (ala Patrick Henry). He also called for a Martin Luther to help reform the system!! Those were the days, when we had to caution this same Raja Petra on a warpath with UMNO, not to resort to rabble-rousing and demanding blood in the aftermath of the Perak coup d'etat. Now, this is the same Raja Petra who went on a hunger strike in Kamunting, and it is the same Raja Petra too, for whom (not solely for him, though) I went for anti-ISA vigils, at the risk of being arrested.

Oh yes- it also comes to mind that he once got so frustrated with many of the commenters for not supporting PAS's Islamist agenda, but after much debate, and seeing the light, decided that he was against the Islamic State. RPK, also convinced many to "give PAS a chance"- "and we can throw them out after five years if they don't perform" - but now,

PR hasn't implemented all that is in the Peoples' Declaration.
(Yeah, yeah- Maybe as Hindraf would like to say, "All it takes is a stroke of a pen" huh?)
PR isn't good enough for him.
PKR is filled with corrupt practices in its elections, although Umno has no elections at all to speak of.
DAP also has "in-fighting".
PAS is the only "virtuous one",but cannot do it alone.
Parliament needs "credible guys".
PR needs "credible guys" aka "angels" to show them the way ....
He probably wants this "3rd force" thingie in parliament- presuming that the candidates will be angels!!! Yes- you read me right .... he wants angels in parliament, so that he can have his utopian dream of the virtuous state with a "philosopher king/parliamentarian" come true.

He has forgotten that the parliament is ineffective- and it is ineffective by design, thanks to Mr. Mahathir Bin Mohamed. He has made sure that parliament is just filled up with people making monkeys of themselves in a circus.

Yes, guys- you better believe it ..... Raja Petra Kamarudin himself, has said it:-


Well RPK- let me tell you something which you may have forgotten in all your idealistic daydreaming - it will take the devil in you to remove the evil perpetrated by UMNO from Malaysian politics.
As i said earlier- in case you forgot- we are at "war". Maybe you should keep in mind that is a "war" for the heart & soul- the conscience of the Malaysian nation state ... and there is such a thing as a "just war".
In every revolution, there will be "collateral damage", Pete- and you only get to choose the extent of damage you willing to put up with. Nothing more, nothing less.
Does that make us monsters? Not necessarily - it depends on where you stand, what you see and how far you see. That is what patriots are made of- not those who crumble under the talk of "justice" & righteousness in a utopian world.

You better believe it, Pete- or else, just call it a day, okay!!

"Our petitions have been slighted;
our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult;
our supplications have been disregarded;
and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne!
In vain, after these things,
may we indulge the fond hope of peace and reconciliation."

~Patrick Henry, Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death


  1. I agree with u.
    I am quite confuse with RPK. Before election, he told everyone example PAS to drop it rhetoric or else just become NGO. Meaning everyone has to drop their principle just to win election.

    Now he is saying something else. Come on la. Just because Zaid lost, now it is about principle and etc. He sounds just like Mahathir to me now.

  2. When you read RPK- don't take all you read too literally, and take them with a pinch of salt when he writes "ideological" stuff.

    Make sure you know - that he doesn't always write what he thinks, nor does he always think what he writes ... but you can be sure about one thing though- he definitely thinks before & while he writes, (even if it isn't too clearly at times).

    The fact is this-
    -"Somebody" has political ambitions, and it isn't RPK.
    -"Somebody" wants to gain popular traction to put up a "3rd Force" in parliament- and RPK is throwing his ideas to the readers.
    -this "somebody" appears to be working "against BN" "for the greater good" (at least he himself might think so).
    -But I believe there is "another force" who is having "mamak teh tarik" with RPK & guys .... and it isn't Zaid.

    RPK loves to "throw up an idea" to provoke discussion, so as to make readers think. When "caught", is quick to retract what he says ... he always would turn around & say "I was being cynical, and you just didn't get it".
    Don't free- sometimes, this reasoned opposition is what RPK might want to hear from you guys. Don't worry about RPK- he can take as good as he gives ... he's "fairly fair".

    The problem is- most Malaysians get confused very easily, and are exactly "politically savvy". To make matters worse, the language proficiency of most readers isn't up to RPK's level(We just need to buck up on that front, don't we bro?).

    Then we have all sorts of jackasses who'll kiss up to any "leader's" carrot- and we have lots of them in MT, who kiss-up RPK even if he throws shit at them.

    A lot of things are happening. Many are beginning to rethink old ideas, and there's plenty of debate about all sorts of issues.
    It can be quite a confusing time for the casual reader, and "tiresome" for others.

    We'll just have read, listen, watch & wait- while we put our two-sen into the debates don't we?


  3. These are ideas which have come from "a few good men" who have certain interests at heart- even if they mean well. Sometimes they set traps for themselves, & don't see how they are set to defeat what they claim to be fighting for.

    Yes- it can be a very confusing time and you're not alone. Even activists are confused themselves. To make matters worse, Umno is trying to make sure you get confused & fed up.

    PR is going through its spring-cleaning/ upheaval, while BN/UMNO has gone on "overdrive" to hide the damage they have caused, through MNC & local PR agencies.

    Be patient - Just read, listen, watch & wait - don't believe all you read/see/hear.
    You'll see what is happening, soon enough.



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