Sunday, 7 November 2010

Remove the shades- It isn't "politics", It's about bigotry ....

IN addition, this is also another typical Malay-bashing tactic of the opposition.
Yeah yeah you will start screaming that PKR is mainly Malay.
From where I stand, I believe that PKR is not so much multi racial
as they would sacrifice any ethnic group
or religious group as long as it gives them political mileage.

- Mr. Z (referring to the "Caning of a child over Pork in School" issue).


For a start, let me say that I did not see how this was a "typical Malay-bashing tactic of the opposition".
Maybe I missed something ... but I'll move on.

You're very right about both the parent & teachers- but in this case, other than educating the child about not sharing the food, I don't see why she should do anything else.
The way I look at it- she DOESN'T HAVE TO PREPARE HALAL FOOD for the kid to take to school. All she has to do is tell the child to keep it away from practicing MUSLIMS/ HINDUS/Buddhists. (From what I gather, she did just that).

If I were the parent, I'll go to the school myself with the non-halal food to prove my point- becos, if children can be allowed to bring meat (which isn't kosher to vegetarian Hindus & Buddhists) beef (which isn't kosher to hindus) to a school, I don't see what can be wrong with pork.
It should also be the job of the school to respect the cultural diversity, educate the children & have separate sections where non-kosher food may be had.

LOL- Sorry to disappoint you Z ... but I don't see why i should get worked up on what you said about PKR. The way I look at it, you're quite right about PKR- in a sense. They are what they are- they'll sell out anybody, if they're not kept in check. That goes for anybody, when they're not kept in check & "7 deadly sins" are allowed to creep into their minds & hearts when they lose their focus.

You say that they'll "sell out" any group? But that doesn't mean it is necessarily a bad thing.....
For a start, maybe all of us NEED to sacrifice our narrow/selfish sectarian interests & stop talking about our chauvinism/ethnicity/religious preferences/privileges when in comes to education/economy.

It's not like UMNO is really doing much good for the Malay community beyond shouting at the rooftops about "ketuanan Melayu" and encouraging mediocrity, you know ..... most of the Malays I see aren't doing so well, despite what UMNO calls "special rights" accorded to them. meanwhile the economy is in shambles .... just as the social fabric of the nation.

Y'see, Z- politicians are politicians .... it is their job to exploit the people & extract as much political mileage as possible. The ruthless ones will manipulate society through propaganda for his personal benefit.
What is necessary is the check and balance in the 4 institutions of state which we have. Sadly, despite claiming to defend their rights to a good government, some ruthless parties proceeded to destroy these institutions by rendering them mere administrative rubber stamps.

Look around you, Z-
  • Corruption has become the order of the day, and bigotry is promoted as a valid sentiment.
  • Lies are disseminated to the public by those in power.
  • Crime is hidden, supported and even defended by those in authority.
  • Chauvinism is applauded, while mediocrity and stupidity are rewarded.
  • Are you telling me nobody has been "sold-out" in this scenario?
  • Or did some ethnicity/religion actually benefit from it all?

Meanwhile, the public is still blissfully going on sacrificing their rights at the altar of prosperity, amidst all the trappings of wealth around them which they gawk at with stupid pride.
To make matters worse, the public has been brainwashed into thinking that their rights are preserved, while the nation is plundered by the privileged few.

I do not say that our leaders didn't do any good. They definitely did some good here & there - but the damage they have caused in bringing about those little good is gonna prove far too costly in the long run. I don't wish to debate about it la, Z- You will see it for yourself in due time. Maybe you'll know why it all happened, maybe you'll wonder why- I don't know you well enough to say.

Very sad it is. If Malaysia is lucky, we may recover from this after reforms .... in a generation or so- that too if it happens. Otherwise, we just slide down the slippery slope .... and say sayonara to the good times.

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