Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Response to Waytha ....

"We in Hindraf/HRP are in no hurry. We are prepared to wait another 53 years if it means ultimately getting a true democratic country. After all, the blacks in America fought a “war” for more than 200 years to be recognised as equal citizens. The Indians fought another 250 years to gain independence. It took centuries for the French to be rid of the monarchy."
- Waythamoorthy

Dear Waytha,
This letter I write is in respose to the letter "WILL PAKATAN COMMIT TO A ROADMAP FOR TRUE DEMOCRACY" which you wrote.
It is really touching to note that you are so much into human rights. It is also touching to note that you wish to have all that you speak of through PR, despite not coming out in support of it.

Yes, yes- we know all this crap you speak of when you need the spotlight.
I can do the same too.
Firstly, I wish to ask of you to stop blowing your horn about HINDRAF's past "flash in the pan" - which came after the Bersih rally which was attended by Malaysian from all walks of life (as opposed to your HINDRAF) rally.
These delusions of grandeur you have isn't helping you one bit, mate!!!

How is it that you claim that the "tsunami" of 308 is because of the Hindraf Rally?
Are you saying that the people of Malaysia were in awe of the "courage" of Hindrafians, and so "fell in line"?
If that was the case, I'm Abraham Lincoln.

Where was Hindraf when BN sold the Kg Buah Pala land?
Where was Hindraf when civil society was fighting for a fairer election?
Get off your high horse, and come down to earth and face reality- You cannot fight this war alone!!!
If it was not for PR- Uthayakumar would probably be in jail.....
If it was not for PR, all your Kg Buah Pala folks would probably have been sitting quietly like church mice in some nook or cranny, while BN was selling out on them (as they did, when THEY sold the land!!).
While you come around pointing fingers at PR, bear in mind Waytha- that you wouldn't have had the publicity and the voice you seek- IF IT WAS NOT FOR PR!!

I would also like to remind you that HINDRAF had issued a statement in support of the UMNO/BN government (but only disapproves of the MIC leadership!!!)- even immediately after being blasted with chemically laced water, and whacked silly by the FRU on November 25, 2007.
Yes- you guys did that- hoping that you'll get some lollipops from the BN/UMNO Govt to serve your narrow and myopic sectarian agenda.What happened to all these litany of demands you make of PR today, back then when you were "supportive of the Govt, but protest the "Indian" leadership in Govt?

Suddenly, after the Hindraf rally, your balls swelled up so big after getting kicked by UMNO, that you cannot see if your feet are on the ground, is it?
You complain and whine like a child about how PR is "coalition without adequate mutual understanding"- but what have you done to make things any better?
What have you done to wrest power away from UMNO which has been persecuting a whole generation of the people you claim to represent?
Your hypocrisy here, is at best nauseating- just as your sectarian agenda.

You Waytha- don't understand that you play the game UMNO wants you to- the sectarian platform.
You Waytha- are so myopic, that you do not see how you can achieve what you ask of from PR (and probably more), IF ONLY you stood with them and understood the working of the system.
You Waytha- know that the State govts cannot do much when certain matters were decided by the previous govt or the federal govt.
You Waytha- should know that PR- warts and all - can only do the things you ask of it if it gets to Putrajaya.
You Waytha- should come down to Malaysia and tell us whether you wish for an UMNO Govt in perpetuity, or wish to ride on a hope for change through civil society & PR.
Of course- you also have the option of waiting for 200-300 yrs (as the African Americans, French or Indians you mentioned) for the "struggle" you wage from afar, while your countrymen suffer as a result of being convinced that they're "Indians" in Malaysia ....

Waytha- get one thing straight- those who fight for reform, know that we are in it for the long haul, and don't expect changes overnight. In fact, I think I can safely say that I do not belive that the changes can be fully implemented in our lifetime. The damage done to the very fabric of society over the yrs of Mahathir rule will take a generation to repair (if at all).
But we can try- for the sake of our children ..... nothing more.

Waytha- are you with us? Or against us?
Make your stand now, UTHAYA- or forever stop the hogwash!!!

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