Thursday, 16 December 2010

Efficient Ministers in Malaysia- I "Believe" It!!

“As for Najib Razak, he is an opportunist.
Although he has not been critical of Singapore,
he will not hesitate to go in that direction if it is expedient for him to do so.
Najib’s political fortunes continue to be haunted by the murder scandal,” -WikiLeaks

“I assure you that Malaysia is not run by incompetent politicians
but by very competent politicians,”

, Najib insists Malaysia is run by ‘very competent’ leaders

  • When they "elect" a new speaker before the Head of State's opening address-
  • When they bring plainclothes policemen into the Perak state assembly, and drag the speaker out like a sack of potatoes-
  • When Najib says, "You help me, I help You"-
  • When his deputy says that they will not provide Federal financial allocation to "Opposition" held constituencies-
  • When Rais Yatim says "I change my Mode"-
  • When Zahid Hamidi says that I'm unpatriotic-
  • When the Home minister says that people have to step on cows heads to "express themselves", or that certain ordinary Arabic words cannot be used in Malaysia by non-Muslims, because it confuses the Muslim -

  • When the Education Minister Flip-flops on English/Malay teaching or says Umno's propaganda/ Islamic History should be a compulsory for all students, so that I'll be patriotic-
  • When Jo Baharum attends the wedding of a 14-yr old kid -
  • When Umno Ministers twist & turn to justify "Ketuanan Melayu", then in desperation, bring the royal houses into the picture after humiliating them in the Mahathir era-
  • When they put a man who confesses to corrupting Court officers, who announces "laws of discount" in plea-bargaining- to head the Judiciary -
  • When parliamentarians behave like uncouth children incapable of coherent debate-
  • When the Home Minister believes that a peaceful assembly with candles or t-shirts certain colors is a threat to "national security" -

  • When they say that sending a man to space as a tourist is "scientific progress"-
  • When I hear that we need a 100-storey tower to stimulate the economy-
  • When they cannot accountable for Bakun, or Taib Mahmud for the bigtime Damming & plunder of Sarawak to death -
  • When they say they cannot charge Tajuddin Ramli for MAS scandal -
  • When I hear of acronyms like PKFZ or OPV, KPI or NKRA, ETP or whatever-
  • When they say that they couldn't accumulate 30% equity in spite of RM52 billion allocation over 40 yrs-
  • When they say the cannot find RPK-
  • When PI Bala goes missing -
  • When they say a pretty Mongolian with no records of entry into Malaysia was blown up with C4 explosive-


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