Thursday, 9 December 2010

We're both seeking the same thing ... NOT!!!

He said that after more than 20 years in office he had failed
to change what he called this culture of extravagance.

-Mahathir criticises Malay community, BBC, 16th June 2002

"Dr Mahathir and I never discussed the matter prior to this
and it is purely coincidental that we are both seeking the same thing,
although we may be doing so along different routes --
Dr Mahathir through Barisan Nasional and I through Pakatan Rakyat."

- RPK, I support Dr Mahathir when he is right, No Holds Barred

How "heroic" of Mahathir to "have the guts" to criticize the monsters he created .....

Hey guys, listen up - I got a nice story too:-

There was once a dad who took great pride in his son. (Actually he didn't give a shit about them- he just wanted little Junior as a showpiece for his virility & generosity la). He always made sure the son got the very best- education, clothes, food, party & Porsche.
As Junior grew up, his name was synonymous with "Party, Drunkeness & Whoring". Decadence was like the son's middle name.

Daddy was a very wise man .....
He fed them with plenty until they were obese and sick with all the illnesses of greedy, slothful & gluttonous rich guys. They were fed like pigs, not because they were hungry- but becos it made him feel good to see them eating & fattened, regardless of the consequences. It gave him immense pleasure to hear his son sing out his praises while whoring for attention at drunken feasts to entertain his underlings. (Yes- little Junior even whored around ... not because he needed to, but just because he started enjoying it!!)
Meanwhile, at the dining table at home, Daddy never failed to preach the virtues of hard work, humility, and moderation.

But good 'ol Sonny showed him the middle finger and went on gorging himself while he partied ....
Soon enough, the son had a heart attack- and had to go thru a bypass surgery to live.
Good ol' Daddy, shed some crocodile tears saying, "I've failed to educate them on the virtues of moderation, hard work and good health required for a better future in all their endeavours".

Now, wise 'ol Daddy quickly retired so that he can give his "expert opinion" on their lifestyles from the sidelines- which he now blames on everybody else, but himself.

Now that little Junior is nose-deep in Daddy's crap, Daddy suggests that the son seek counsel, repents, goes fasting at an "Ashram", or even join "The Greatest Loser" to shed some of the lard under his thick skins, so that he know the meaning of "achievement" & "moderation" .... (but apparently “The Greatest Loser” denied him the 30% headstart/handicap on events/challenges, so he blamed the Jews, and the Chinaman for the “victimisation” & pulled out of the RACE, la ..... and called them “RACISTS”, of course!!)


Yeah- I support this opinion of “Daddy” who spoiled his kid rotten ..... because he is right-
he definitely failed to change his kids. (That's only because it was he who created the monster treated them like pigs fattened for the slaughter).
But I don't think the fasting (pity their bellies), the Ashram (pity the Swamiji) or "The Greatest Loser" (pity the coach/trainer) will be of much help to these spoilt brat ....

Oh yes- I support MCLM - but not because this wise 'ol daddy spoke about repentance, okay .... and please bear in mind, RPK - that as much as it may sound alike, Mahathir doesn't really seek what you believe is "the same thing".

Sorry for the "cold shower", but just in case anyone begins to believe that they are "the same thing" - It may sound like it, look like it .... but far from it- it is Mahathir's style to seek to subjugate the NGOs under UMNO's patronage & corruption, under the guise of "partnership".

The "same thing" as you put it, belong to two different worlds. If you still believe so- so be it.
You underestimate the political motives of the self-indulgent "Daddy" who gave sweet advice to his sons at the dining table, in the "fairy-tale" above.

But of course - you were being cynical, right Pete?
Silly me ....

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