Friday, 7 January 2011


“We cannot prejudge and pronounce something against
someone before proper investigation is done.
In any case, what happened was in 2007,
the question is why (bring it up) now.”

~Rape claim: Let process takes its course, says PM - Malaysiakini


Well- I have a better question. Najib :-
I'm curious .... "How is it that you can ask such a silly question?"
I'm truly "awestruck" by your stupidity, Najib ....
Is this what your "1Malaysia" is all about?

You mean to say that we shouldn't seek answers or accountability from you on a member of your cabinet?
You mean to say that silence on a rape/murder/ corruption case is good enough for you?
You mean to say that we cannot bring up an issue that has been swept under the carpet?
We cannot highlight a crime that has been alleged?

I have just been accused by Anas Zubedy (
yes -the very same one who put the lovely idealistic full-page ads in the papers) so eloquently on Facebook, of wanting
"Najib to sniff up everyone's ass and blame him for everything, he must comment even if your grandma's house got robbed"

But Mr. PM- this isn't about us asking you to "sniff up everyone's ass" (as Anas so beautifully put it- ha ha!!), or about making a statement on an obscure event like an alleged snatch-theft faced my great grand-mother 60 yrs ago......
This is among the many questions, allegations and scandals (Altantuya, Scorpene, Sukhoi, EuroCopter, Sime Darby, Bakun/Penans, PKFZ, Kugan, Teh Beng Hock, Selvach, Saiful's @$$, police brutality, etc etc etc) that plague your admin.
  • This is about RAPE of a poor women on his payroll (possibly paid by taxpayers through allowances).
  • This is about the integrity of YOUR Cabinet and GOVERNMENT, NAJIB!!

NO, Mr. Prime Minister- I don't care much for you to "sniff up everyone's ass",
but YOU sure don't have the the right to ask the wrong question .....

The question ISN'T "Why bring it up now?" as you stupidly put it, BUT -

Comprende, mi primer ministro?

AND, Najib- NOW, is as good a time as ANY to bring it up!!

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