Saturday, 19 February 2011

I see A Bad Moon Rising ....



The theme song for today is CCR's "Bad Moon Rising".

Some have asked me about my relative silence these past few months. Yes- I haven't been raving and ranting much about the nonsense that has been happening these past few months. It is just that I'm reeling from the sheer stupidity and senselessness of it all. The political naivette of Malaysians aside, what's happening in Malaysia under the Kleptocratic UMNO/BN Apartheid regime is nothing short of mind-boggling.

From Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock, Aminulrasyid, Silence on the ISA review,
Taib Mahmud, Sulu Sultan, Muhyiddin's love for Interlok, Mega Tower,
1-billion OPVs, 5-Billion Megatowers, 30-billion MRT,
Krismudin's Project 'M' denials/refusal for an IPCMC/claims of performance in PDRM,
BTN, Nonsensical debates on Religion, Racism,
Perkasa, NEP, NEM, ETP, NKRA, KPI,
MP's & ADUNs dropping dead like flies,
Mr. Mudah Lupa's claims of innocence on Ops Lalang or
Mr. 1-Malaysia's claims of democracy and show of reform-
a look at the sickening antics of the UMNO regime in the media (Rejecting race is un-Islamic, says BTN man, Badrul still Port Klang rep, Port Klang seat vacant, insists Teng) will tell you what I see .....
A Bad Moon Rising.
By the way- DAP's inability to "touch base" with the vast majority of Malaysian, PKR's shenanigans in party elections/Sabah/Sarawak & PAS's Malay/Islamist (PAS says will prioritize Malays) antics on the political front after getting the "taste of blood" is adds to the much needed flavour to the making of the "Failed-state Soup" by the Umno/BN cooks.

After a few words on FB with a certain YB from MCA- all I can say is that their foolishness is just beyond me. as much as I stretch my brains out to fit in their twisted logic, I just cannot find space for it. I wonder when the politicians of Malaysia will have the balls and brains to for once make some sense and tell the people- "IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!"
(I don't know if anybody else saw it- maybe I was "smoking something", but just yesterday alone, I saw three different figure on the GDP- 6%, 6.5%, 7% and 7.2% ....).
The more I think about it, the more I begin to believe that violence - riots, repression, revolution or maybe even a war- would be inevitable sooner or later should our people politicians insist on playing UMNO's political game & refuse to see reason.
For Gottsakes- Malaysia is DYING!!
(and hence, I'm staying dressed up, & keeping my bags packed!)

Who knows- we may get lucky and get a dictator with some grey matter. Malaysia may be lucky & come out better after a temporary rule by a benevolent Military dictatorship which opens the way for a progressive democracy (as Gen Park Chung-hee of S.Korea did way back when he literally kicked butt to get out Korean brothers thinking & working again).

So here's something from Raffick :-

Law maker Vs law enforcer

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  1. . I am not suprised at all with the decision of the High Court in Shah Alam that made the ruling that Badrul Hisham Abdullah is still the Port Klang assemblyman. It is like expecting a miracle to happen whenever a case involving any state assembly ruled by PR goes to court. The probability is like seeing a shooting star on a bright night. The disease which started in Perak has spread to the Malaysian Parliament and now to Selangor.

    2. SLA in any state or the parliament is by designed to be a self regulatory institution that is supposed to make laws. Its decision on its member stays within the boundary of the SLA. Being self regulatory means the decision made according to the rules of the institution is binding on its members. The issue of challenging any decision of the SLA is like opening a pandora box. It leaves long lasting implication on our nation constitutional system.

    3. If any decision of the SLA can be challenged then one day any law passed by the SLA or the parliament can be challenged by any man with creative thingking. I dread to see the day some smart lawyer goes to court and get an injunction against the parliament for making a law or the court ruled that a particular newly created law is unlawful.

4. The issue is not about who started it but rather who will start a process to halt it. I believe
it is the responsibility of all state government and the parliament to review the constitution
and make it water tight to ensure that it stays as a highest law making body which cannot be
challenged. This can only be done if all our ADUN and MP sees the importance doing it. Failing
which, then I see a disaster looming in this country.

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