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Sulu's New Sultan and Philippines.

Something I found on Facebook (all emphasis, mine) .....

Sulu's New Sultan
by Atama Katama on Friday, 25 February 2011 at 00:46

Last night, I had a tequila session with my Sifu. Among other topics in our conversation, the issue of Akjan proclaiming himself Sultan of Sulu took center stage. My Sifu directed me to The North Borneo Dispute from which the following excerpts are lifted.

On 23 January 1878, the Ruler of Sulu, Sultan Jamalul Alam leased Sabah (formerly known as North Borneo) to Gustavus Von Overbeck for an annual rent of equivalent 5,000 dollars through Von Overbeck’s trading partner Alfred Dent. It was also recorded that as late as 2004 this amount of money (USD1,500 per year) was still being paid to the heirs of the Sulu Sultan by the Malaysian Embassy in The Philippines (because they're now trustees of the deed, I guess).

The keyword in the written agreement was “Pajak” which if translated literally means “Lease”. It was also explicitly written that the rights to Sabah cannot be transferred to any other nation or anyone else without the Sulu Sultan’s express consent.

The Spaniards in Manila eventually took control of the entire Sulu Sultanate; and in 1885, Great Britain, Germany, and Spain signed the Madrid Protocol confirming Spanish influence over everything in The Philippines except Sabah which belongs to the Sultanate.
(Except that it was later "leased" out at gunpoint to some German proxy for a Brit "privateer", right? Ever heard of "gunboat diplomacy"? It was how the Brits conquered the world, for Gottsakes- don't you get it?)

Great Britain was reminded by America in official black and white in 1906 and 1920 that Sabah does not belong to Great Britain; and was and is at all materially times legally and legitimately part and parcel of the Sulu Sultanate
(I'm sorry, but how come I didn't hear Philippines here?)

The British Government, however as we all know, arrogantly and unilaterally did turn Sabah into a Crown-leased Colony on 10 July 1946 even though there was a declaration by Chief Justice C. F. C. Makaskie of the High Court of North Borneo on 19 December 1939 in a civil suit filed by Dayang Dayang Hadji Piandao and 8 other heirs of the Sulu Sultan including Putlih Tarhata Kiram that the successor of the Sulu Sultan in the territory of Sabah was Punjungan Kiram and not Great Britain! (But if was defunct, it doesn't have legitimacy ...)

Dayang Dayang Hadji Piandao Princess Putlih Tarhata Kiram

The 1941 Constitution of The Philippines states specifically that the national territory of The Philippines includes “all other areas which belong to the Philippines on the basis of historical rights or legal claims”. (They could claim the whole world if they wanted .... Who gives a crap about the Philippines Constitution? Going by that logic, even China could claim it, I suppose ....)

Even before Sabah joined Malaya, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia on 16 September 1963, numerous delegations were sent by The Philippines to London reminding the British Government that Sabah belongs to the Philippines.

On 12 September 1962, the territory of Sabah and the full sovereignty, title and dominion over the territory were ceded by the then reigning Sulu Ruler, Sultan Muhammad Esmail E. Kiram 1 to the Republic of the Philippines during the Presidency of Diosdado Macapagal. (Yeah- they must've got desperate and paid off a clown to sign off something his ancestor gave away for couldn't hold anyways ...)

The cession effectively gave The Philippines Government full authority to pursue their claim in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. But until today, Malaysia continues to consistently reject The Philippines’s calls to refer the matter to the ICJ.
(Hellooo, Sifu- have you heard of the term "there are many ways to skin a cat"?)

Immediately preceding the formation of Malaysia, two commissions of enquiry visited Sabah and Sarawak in order to establish the state of public opinion regarding merger with Malaya and Singapore. However, the commissions were never mandated to address the legal status of Sabah nor were they referendums in the proper sense (that, I agree).

The first commission known as the Cobbold Commission was established by the Malayan and British governments and was headed by Lord Cobbold, along with two representatives of Malaya and Britain – but none from the territories under investigation.

The Commission found that 'About one third of the population of each territory i.e. Sabah and Sarawak strongly favours early realisation of Malaysia without too much concern over terms and conditions. Another third, many of them favourable to the Malaysia project, ask, with varying degrees of emphasis, for conditions and safeguards. The remaining third is divided between those who insist upon independence before Malaysia is considered and those who would strongly prefer to see British rule continue for some years to come.

Indonesia and The Philippines rejected the findings of the Cobbold Commission and in 1963, a tripartite meeting was held in Manila between Indonesian President Soekarno, Philippines President Diosdado Macapagal and Malayan Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. The meeting agreed to petition the UN to send another commission of enquiry and The Philippines and Indonesia agreed to drop their objection to the formation of Malaysia if the new commission found popular opinion in the territories in favour.

The UN Mission to Borneo found ‘a sizeable majority of the people' in favour of joining Malaysia but Indonesia and The Philippines subsequently rejected the report's findings and Indonesia continued its semi-military policy of konfrontasi towards Malaysia – the report in effect sealed the creation of Malaysia.


The following are questions by me and answers by my Sifu:-

Atama Katama: Sifu, can you give an analogy to best describe the whole situation?

Sifu: A Landlord called Jamalul leased an apartment to a Tenant called Overbeck for a monthly rent of $5,000. The written agreement stated that Overbeck cannot sub-lease the apartment or sell the lease without Jamalul’s permission.

But the Tenant despite the prohibition did illegally sell the lease to a 2nd Tenant called Great Britain who later also illegally sold the lease to a 3rd Tenant called Malaysia.

And in between the 2nd and 3rd Tenants, Jamalul transferred all his rights and interests to a new Landlord called The Philippines. The new Landlord now wants back the apartment but the 3rd Tenant Malaysia refuses to leave. The new Landlord wants to take the matter to the International Court of Justice at The Hague but the 3rd Tenant Malaysia also refuses to go there.

Atama Katama:
Sifu, why do you think the 3rd Tenant Malaysia dare not go to the International Court of Justice and consistently ignored The Philippines?

You don’t need to be a Queen’s Counsel to know the answer to that question. That’s because the 3rd Tenant Malaysia will lose the case and the apartment will definitely be returned to The Philippines. (Oooh- no wonder Umno holds on to the "pendatang" rhetoric, hoping to take back lands from all who toiled upon it ....)

As for ignoring The Philippines, that’s because Malaysia knows The Philippines is economically and militarily weak. (Yeah- like you will care .... you better thank your lucky stars that Malaysia got Sabah, instead of the gangsters from Philipines!!)

You will see a totally different reaction if an angry Indonesia makes demands (Of course la- Bolehland is filled with them, and our economy would be in shambles if not for their labour!!).

It was like Hong Kong when the late Deng Xiao Ping told Margaret Thatcher in private that if Great Britain does not leave Hong Kong, the Chinese Army will overrun Hong Kong in three (3) days. Hong Kong was eventually returned to China on 1 July 1997.

History will tell you that a lot of world problems today were caused by Great Britain in the past e.g. the Middle East, Africa, Indian Sub-Continent and etc. Even within the United Kingdom, the Scottish, Welsh, and Irish people are pissed with England.

Atama Katama:What about the voices of the population during the times of the 1st Tenant Overbeck and 2nd Tenant Great Britain who agree to let the 3rd Tenant Malaysia take over?

Sifu: Let me give you another analogy: I am the registered legal and legitimate owner of a bus. One day you leased the bus from me and drove around town picking up and dropping off passengers along the way for profit. Let us say that the passengers love your driving so much that they want to stay with you for life. Does that mean you can sell my bus?
(Didn't you know that under Akjan's Umno, it happens all the time if you are powerless? Ask the Sabahans/Sarawakians who have lost out to the contractors, Pilaks and the Pakis- they'll tell you!!)

Coming back to your question, the passengers can choose which driver to move the bus, but the apartment will forever be owned by The Philippines. And this also means that even if the people of Sabah today want to stay on with Malaysia, Sabah is still the legal and legitimate territory of The Philippines under International Law. (So what the not-so-wise Sifu high on tequila is saying is that some pirate from somewhere can declare that he has God-given rights to veto the rights of the people? Hmmm .... nice.)

I suggest you read the Judgments of the International Court of Justice with regards to the following cases:-
a. Malaysia vs Indonesia in re Sipadan and Ligitan Islands

b. Malaysia vs Singapore in re Pulau Batu Puteh or Pedra Branca (oooh ... gimme a break- not again, please - of course they can win against the shaggers from Pilakland and Indon, but the bonking Bolehland Putras aren't as smart as the little red dot fellas laaaa!!)

Atama Katama: After Akjan proclaimed himself Sultan of Sulu a little while back, the following people:
Edward Dagul of SAPP

Ronnie Klassen of PKR

Azman Ruslan of UMNO

Webley Disim of PBS

Lodge police reports alleging that Akjan: 1. Is holding dual nationalities 2. A threat to national security 3. Has questioned the sovereignty of Sabah and Malaysia

Sifu, what do you think of that?

(Cruzeiro's NOTE: Now the Argument gets really really cheezy .....)

Sifu: I do not know Akjan personally; but I heard from reliable sources that he made a fortune selling genuine Malaysian Identity Cards to hundreds of thousands of unqualified people and that Akjan himself is holding one such Identity Card which explains why Akjan was once detained under the Internal Security Act.

Have you seen Akjan’s Ferrari Supercar before…? (No I haven't- I just wanna see his balls hung from a tower in KK)

Now back to the three issues that you have raised.

Malaysia is one of the few remaining countries in the world that does not allow dual nationalities for no good reasons (that's besides the point). I do know of many countries that allow even multiple nationalities.(who cares if they allow citizenship from Mars- that's their problem & right) What is wrong with that? (NOthing, mate- just that Malaysia's law doesn't allow it, wise guy!!) Don’t tell me that having dual nationalities is a crime against humanity…!
(Aaaah .... so what this Atama is saying is- It's okay to flout the law, as long as it "isn't a crime against humanity" ... that means selling fake MyKads is fair dinkum!!)

Let me tell you about two people (who cares - they can fly kites as far as I'm concerned ... as long as they don't declare a sultanate in Sabah, I don't give a fig if he's bonking the Queen!!)

Penang-born Jimmy Choo the shoemaker in London was awarded OBE short for Officer of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. How come nobody lodge police report against him…? (Hey- hold on a sec- you don't have to be a citizen of the UK to get that tin can ....)

Kota Kinabalu-born Penny Wong a current Australian Federal Government Minister. How come no complaints too…? (You mean nobody cares, or is it that she doesn't?)

Haven’t you read that millions of disgusted Malaysians have ditched their citizenships?
(What that got to do with Penny, Jimmy Choo,the Queen, Akjan or even Saiful's rectum? They told Malaysia to bugger off, and that's their choice- and that's that!!)

Coming back to Akjan’s dual nationality, all Akjan needs to do is to renounce either one – that’s assuming that Akjan really does have two nationalities. They can’t hang Akjan for that!
(I'll settle for his ass in the slammer- you got a problem with that?)

Next issue is that the Sultanate of Sulu had ceased to exist when every inch of territory was ceded on 12 September 1962 to the Government of The Philippines.

As Akjan had declared himself Sultan of a defunct Sulu Sultanate of The Philippines; under international law, Akjan has challenged the sovereignty and constitution of the Republic of The Philippines and thereby can be assume to post a threat to the national security of The Philippines - not Sabah or Malaysia. Remember, it was the government of The Philippines being the successor-in-title of the defunct Sulu Sultanate that is claiming Sabah – not Akjan.
(But I remind you, that it was Akjan who as a Malaysian citizen swore allegiance to the State of Sabah, under the sovereignity of the Malaysian Federal Constitution, which in turn doesn't recognize a legitimate Sultanate to be sovereign over Sabah!!)

Only the government of The Philippines has the locus standi or legal standing to request the Malaysian government to arrest and extradite Akjan to The Philippines for investigation and prosecution – not any Edward, Ronnie, Azman, or Webley.

These four people have not just got the issues totally wrong but have also, when they lodged police reports, exposed themselves to the danger of being sued for defamation by Akjan. And from my experience in a court of real justice, they will lose even their underwear.
(Yeah, rrrrright, Sifu!)

Enough for tonight, I have finished all the edible food in your fridge; you know I can’t talk with an empty stomach. Fill up your fridge and I will come again
(To talk more cock 'n bull? Thanks, but No Thanks, Sifu!).

My Sifu has spoken volumes and before he left, I was advised to leave no comments on the following people (fearing the loss of your underwear, maybe?):
1. Edward Dagul of SAPP – I have no quarrel with you or SAPP
2. Ronne Klassen of PKR – you are a personal friend of my Sifu
3. Azman Ruslan of UMNO – my Sifu suspect that you were once his friend. Are you Azman bin Haji Ruslan formerly of Kampung Bayangan in Keningau and a lawyer graduated from Universiti Islam Antarabangsa?

As for Webley Disim of PBS, I direct the following comments to you and you alone:
If you understand what my Sifu has said, do you realize now how really stupid you are when you lodged a police report against Akjan? You have already made a complete fool of yourself when you lodged a police report against me.
(so going by your ideas, it's okay to whack someone you have something against, but refrain from it, if it is someone your "sifu" respects or maybe fear or for whatever reason you care for ..... and is cool for Akjan to declare himself the Sultan of Sulu which includes Sabah)
It seems to me that you have a kick of putting both your feet into your mouth. You are an absolute disgrace to the schools that you went to and the teachers who once taught you. I hope Akjan sue the “sh…t” out of you and leave you with no underwear!

“Avangtang Tangtuu”

(So Mr. Sifu - please go back to your Tequila, you drunken sod- and stop trying to undermine Malaysia's sovereignty over Sabah, or you may have to loose your underwear too for preaching treason!!)

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