Saturday, 12 February 2011

What now, Egypt? "Islamic" Revolution?

"We can only succeed in Muslim societies if you are seen to be respectful
of the choice made by Muslims, or Egyptians in this case," Anwar said.

Is that so?
I seriously doubt it - it is the fallacy promoted by those with vested interests.

For now, Egypt has won "liberation" from Mubarak, but the question remains -
Do they have the means to handle the revolution?
Have they really won "freedom"?
Do they know how to use that freedom?
As in the French Revolution, they may be a spate of blood-letting before they settle down ....

Of course I support them in their efforts at liberation as I do with those in Malaysia- it will be an ongoing struggle (albeit, an upward one). It will remain so, as long as they have had their revolution for all the wrong reasons.

"We can only succeed in Muslim societies if you are seen to be respectful of the choice made by Muslims, or Egyptians in this case," Anwar said.
Is that so?
I seriously doubt it - it is the fallacy promoted by those with vested interests. What was so "Muslim" about the demand for Democracy? I seriously doubt that the Muslim Brotherhood subcribes to "Democracy" - unless it is with the intention of establishing an "Islamic State".
There has yet to be anything recorded in history which would attest to what Anwar said here- even taking into consideration the "Islamic Civilisation".

Ignorant societies can always fight for change- however, if they seek for the change without knowing how exactly to get it or base the struggle on the wrong premise, they have a very big problem ....
Freedom needs a few prerequisites for it not to descend into anarchy- first and foremost, they need an enlightened leadership which the people look up to, associated with an "infastructure" (philosophical/legal/intelectual/media) and a society which is able to comprehend the vision.

Most Muslim/third-world countries don't fulfill the criteria- not by a long shot. What it often results in is the nurturing of another despot/dictator. Religious/tribal laws for one thing are an impediment to progress.
Examples of it litter the history books- and this was a phenomenon prevalent in the Middle Ages of Europe/ Papacy. Ironically, they broke free from the yoke of the "Holy" Roman Empire, through the efforts of an enlightened Catholic monk- Martin Luther!
But today, 500 yrs on- Islam is going through that same phase .....

Syed Akbar Ali's "Malaysia and the Club of Doom" is a fine book to read on this matter - you will see why the rising Islamist fervour contributes to what I say.
I somehow believe that many of the opinions expressed there would prove to be prophetic.

Allow me to take this argument to another level- when man seek out third-rate minds who study religion to be "instruments of God" to run his life for him based on legends and outdated polity, it means only one thing - he is "lost".
When a man is "lost", he becomes psychologically/emotionally vulnerable to indoctrination using "dogma"- they backward the minds go the more they subcribe to the rule of inferior minds from religious schools of thought. They are taught that all it takes is worship and allegiance/obedience to the third-rate minds of their religious masters for things to fall in place in this "evil and cluttered world". They are indoctrinated to believe that supremacy of the clergy is the criteria for happiness and contentment and seats in heavenly abodes.
They are almost never told that there is no such thing as a utopia - man by nature is ever innovating, and is almost always discontented. It was precisely due to this reason that man has evolved to be intelligent beings as "God" intended man to be.

However, in most despotic authoritarian states, they seek to promote immitation and suppress this innovative streak in man. They promote "taqlid", and suppress "ijtihad" through religious edicts/cyclicals/indoctrination so as to prevent dissent.
At the same time, they'll tell the blunted minds of their followers that they have to be progressive but obedient to the state/godmen/God at all costs- to achieve "freedom & peace". At the same time, they have no qualms in waging war against those who do not conform .....
Their education/ "intellectual infrastucture" is often deliberately kept below par, so as to prevent their awakening. They are given easy access to "escape" through vice (drugs/crime/sex) so as to get relief from their frustrations & anger- while on the other hand, they'll tell you that it is all due to lack of religious observation/upbringing that these vices take place.
The media is deliberately restricted. The information they receive is often simplistic and distorted, if not downright stupid.
Then, when these stifled minds cannot comprehend the happenings of the real world, are unable to think and are lost for ideas- the clergy and politicians step in to advice them with simplistic solutions and give them the "comforts" they seek.

Do you see a striking parallel with what has been happening here in Malaysia over the last 30 yrs (just go to that "Valentine's Day Haram" Ustazah's FB discussion forums - you'll see many fans asking for miraculous "ayats" so that they can get this or that .... while she exploits them to market/peddle her wares/products)? Or many "Islamic" (and third world/African) countries for that matter ...

We await for our "Martin Luther" ....

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