Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Doctor in the Crack ....

"Tun Salleh Abas was sacked as chief judge in 1988 for complaining
to other Rulers about noisy repairs at the King’s private house...."

- Malaysian Insider
“I say ‘pseudo’ because it is a copycat title of a famous British comedy film
of the 1950s based on a novel by Richard Gordon.
Perhaps it was deliberate, as it does reflect some comedianship,
apart from political lying. ”
- Tengku Razaleigh.

"... he disliked the Internal Security Act (ISA) ...
that he never wanted anyone arrested .... in 1987.
But he was convinced by the police .....

he thought only a few people would be detained,
but was flabbergasted by the final number, which was 554.
... he was not told that newspapers .... would be banned."
- A story-teller in the house — The Malaysian Insider

“His memoirs has proven two points.
Firstly, he has a wealth of imagination

and secondly, he has a bad memory....."

-Truth and lies

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