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"Manufactroversy" & The Dumbing Down of Malaysia

““Bible Society of Malaysia is alarmed
by the defacement of the Christian bible
by non-Christians chopping it with words
that the Christians have not accepted or agreed to,” it added.
-The Malaysian Insider.

"Having said that, I must say that I am extremely disappointed with the reaction of a Catholic bishop of Melaka-Johor diocese. Mr. Paul Tan Chee Ing has denounced the two conditions imposed by the Home Ministry for the release of detained consignments of 'Al-Kitab' as "crass forms of censorship redolent of the communist era" .
If there were lack of wisdom on the part of our political masters earlier than I would say that it appears that it had infected Mr. Paul himself."
-Raffick, rights2write (R2W)


Before I go on about what I wish to write on, I'd like to express my heartfelt sorrow on the calamities suffered by our Japanese brothers & sisters who face the aftermath of the earthquake/ tsunami. Our prayers are with you (even if KDN wishes to deface and give serial numbers to our Bibles, while racist/hate propaganda is justified & fed to the masses like it was chicken-soup for the soul) .....
As for our FLOM's comment on the cause of the tsunami .... I'm sure Najib is "green" with envy with such intellectual prowess which was even captured by CNN iReport.
Bravo, Najib- you ought to be proud of your better half who is now an international "celebrity" of sorts!!

Getting to the point- what we see above is a certain level of ignorance on part of some who do not understand the humiliation which the Government wishes to impose upon the Christian community. They do not seem to understand that "two wrongs, don't make a right". Instead, what do they do? they choose to get disappointed with the victim, while they "undertand how difficult it was for the government" to sort out this mess which happened to come about through their own stupidity!

How compassionate of Raffick ... in all his "wisdom" he says, "Personally I don't see the need to do so but then if it gives the government the comfort to have such insignificant paragraph stamped in the bible, then so be it." ...
I'm pretty sure many Germans said the same when Jews were tattooed with serial numbers, and certainly the same with Zionists today who say it when a wall was made to prevent Palestinians from making a living - to "give comfort to the government" which oppresses!!
How nice ....

Bravo, Raffick- now you have come up with a new line of thinking in "democracy" ... that the dumbed-down people have to "give comfort" to the stupid ruling elite!!! (I'm sure the Japs thought so too, when they were screwing all those "comfort women" to death).

"A manufactured controversy, sometimes shortened into ... manufactroversy,
is a contrived controversy, typically motivated by
profit or ideology,
designed to create public confusion concerning an issue
about which there is no substantial academic dispute."


In an article published by The Malaysian Insider, (Ulama chief: Alkitab yes, ‘Allah’ no), it was mentioned that- "PUM president Datuk Sheikh Abdul Halim Abdul Kadir said that Muslims here were already fighting a “tough” battle to keep the term “Allah” exclusive to them because non-Muslims in other countries had already used “Allah” with little or no controversy. “The issue is that in most countries non-Muslims have used the word ‘Allah’... but we want to defend ‘Allah’ because we feel that it should be for Muslims. The reason being is that ‘Allah’ cannot be equated with any [other] version or concept of God. It is not an issue of translation."

So "Crever wan, this guy!!" ..... what he means to say is that- the merits to any argument is irrelevant, even if proven worldwide- what matters is what he believes!!
He doesn't even care if he is sounding very silly .... all that matters is that he can rile up the people using a non-issue, by virtue of his position as a de-facto "wise guy" who decides that he has to defend an almighty God, and take preventive measures to "save sinful souls" ... just in case it becomes an issue!!
Effectively, he does admit that this is a "manufactured controversy"- to get unthinking people (or those who don't think right) frothing in their mouth!!

This is how Umno has been ruling Malaysia, and this is how the dumbing down of Malaysians is executed - while many Malaysians think up excuses to "intellectualize" stupidity, and justify oppression & bigotry.
They manufacture controversies where none exist, justify it in the name of stupidity- then make laws to control the damage done, because "the people need to be held on a short leash like dogs" with their numerous silly laws which deprive men of their liberty!!
That is what many in Malaysia have become- unthinking, rabid dogs- which just run wild when the leash comes off .......

But of course, Raffick doesn't see that and appreciates the difficulty in holding a "leash"- "The Bishop should appreciate the difficulty in getting this bible out to their owners", says he ..... maybe he needs appreciate how difficult it is to educate those who prefer stupidity, without making excuses for them!!
Next he'll be justifying violence to "comfort the government" or maybe even to knock some sense into people ....

Yeah ....... some people are shameless in their ignorance and justify anything!!


"Stupid being what stupid does, they do it "to avoid conflict",
then cause a conflict which has to be controlled
with laws which can get you arrested

- even as you are thinking of responding to the conflict!!
(very crever, eh?)"

-Because "WE" ARE STUPID- and Proud Of It, dammmit!!

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